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Russian soldiers enter airbase where US troops are stationed in Niger Mexico News |  News from Mexico

Russian soldiers enter airbase where US troops are stationed in Niger Mexico News | News from Mexico

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Russia’s move raises many questions and heightens tensions fueled by the conflict in Ukraine

WASHINGTON.- Russian soldiers enter an Air Force base Niger According to a senior US defense official, the housing of US troops has raised concerns. America to Reuters.

The move follows the end of the Nigerian military regime Get US troops out of the country, driven by a coup last year. The embassies of Niger and Russia in Washington had no comment.

Military officers ruling the country West Africa They asked the US to withdraw it Almost a thousand soldiers It was important Fight against rebel groupsIt caused thousands of deaths and displaced millions.

A senior U.S. defense official indicated on condition of anonymity that Russian forces are not mingling with U.S. troops, but are using a hangar. separate at Air Base 101 in Niamey, the capital of Niger.

While no decision has been made on the future of US troops in Niger, they are expected to return to key US Africa Command bases. Germany.

The rivalry between the US and Russia has intensified

The proximity of armed forces occurs at a time Military and diplomatic rivalry It is increasingly strict between countries Triggered by the conflict in Ukraine; Russia’s mobilization raises questions about the fate of US facilities in the country after they leave.

(The situation) is not ideal, but it is manageable in the short term,” the official said.

Currently, such as the US and its allies FranceThey have seen Obliged move their forces from African territory after the coups that brought the groups to power anxiously To distance themselves from Western governments.

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At the same time, Russia seeks to strengthen its relations with African countries, presenting Moscow as an ally. Without colonial baggage on the continent.

MaliFor example, one of Russia’s closest African allies in recent years has been the deployment of mercenary groups Wagner To fight jihadist insurgents.

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The US, for its part, has expressed concerns about Islamist militants in the Sahel region will expand Without US forces and their intelligence capabilities.

The demand for the withdrawal of US forces from Niger came after a meeting in Niamey in mid-March Senior US officials expressed concernincluding reports on the expected arrival of Russian forces and Iran The country is looking for raw materials, including uranium.