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Lyon 1-2 Guadalajara (July 3, 2023) Match analysis

Lyon 1-2 Guadalajara (July 3, 2023) Match analysis

With the result of the rookie Yael Padilla, the herd got the victory at home to the Emerald team, in a commitment that ended the activity of the first day of the Apertura 2023.

Lion — Yael Padilla He made his debut with a goal at the age of 17 and provided the victory to Chivas. The young Rojiblancos youth team player debuted in the first division with the goal to give them a 2-1 victory over Lion.

padilla He is the boy who has caught the eye since pre-season, Veliko Paunovic He decided to merge the minor and make him more than one raise an eyebrow. against Lion Flag because it caught the attention of the technician Chivas From the first match.

The 17-year-old scored within seven minutes of entering the field. padilla She entered in place of Isaac Brizuela. in the 81st minute, Pocho Guzman He gave a filtered pass and the team player won Rodolfo Cotta.

Chivas beat Lyon on the first day.

before dazzle padillaAnd Chivas Advancement on the scoreboard between controversy. Antonio Briseno Scored 1-0 with an assist Ricardo MarinWho could have helped with his hand to empower the defender.

Lion The action claimed, but the VAR did not notice any offense and scored the first goal of the match well.

The green bellies went on the offensive, following a goal Chivas. They equalized in the 25th minute with a goal from Jose Alvarado. The Emeralds finished the first half with a goal Miguel Jimenezthough without pay exceeds parity to one.

A key change in the game was entry Yael Padilla. Mexico’s national team, in the minor divisions, took the first opportunity to celebrate a goal in their first division debut.

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Lion He wanted to fight back, like in the first half, but didn’t have the sense to make it 2-2. Chivas Apertura 2023 starts with a win thanks to a rookie goal Yael Padilla.