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'They do everything they told me not to do': Meghan Markle's father responded to his daughter's accusations

‘They do everything they told me not to do’: Meghan Markle’s father responded to his daughter’s accusations

Netflix’s “Harry & Meghan” shows the Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle, contemplating their decision to leave their royal roles and their new life in California (Netflix)

The two-part Netflix documentary series, “Harry and Meghan” highlighted secrets of the dukes of sussex, Such as the events that led the former American actress to lose her relationship with her father, Thomas.

Markle has admitted her husband warned her when they first started dating that her life would completely change once their relationship became public. But she probably never imagined that this could mean so much distance from her father.

Tension grew in their relationship just days after her royal wedding to prince harry, When the Duchess found out her father was in talks to sell pictures of him performing to the paparazzi.

Finding out about the actress before the story broke in the tabloids, she considered doing everything possible to prevent the media from harming Thomas’ image. But before doing so, he called him to ask if what the tabloids were saying was true.

In the Netflix documentary series, Megan revealed that even though her father denied everything, she instinctively didn’t believe anything he said. But the drama continued to escalate as Thomas stopped answering her phone and instead continued making extreme statements to the media.

The former actress found out through the press that her father had said he would not be attending her wedding which was just a few days away from his stay at Windsor Castle. Additionally, four days before the big date, the media began reporting that Thomas had suffered from an illness Heart attack.

Prince Harry of England and his wife Megan Markle (AFP)
Prince Harry of England and his wife Megan Markle (AFP)

That’s when I started sending him multiple messages and calling him, but she wouldn’t Harry They got some response from him. When she finally answered them, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex realized someone else had answered her mobile phone, as the message was written in a way her father wasn’t used to.

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Megan’s father never responded to messages, and he did not attend his daughter’s wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018. It was the actress’s mother who accompanied her to the event, and now it was King Charles III who accompanied her on his way to the altar.

In this regard, the Prince revealed that he blames himself for the “very sad” turn of events, as he stated that he feels responsible for the estrangement between Meghan and her father: “What happened was very sad. Before that, Meg had a father, and now she does not feel that way.” Responsibility, because if Meg is not with me, then her father will still be her father.

Image copyright Netflix Image caption Unpublished photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding
Image copyright Netflix Image caption Unpublished photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

Thomas Markle, 78, was shocked when his daughter claimed in the third episode of “Harry and Meghan” that she had found out that her father would not attend her wedding through the site. TMZ.

Meghan’s father has denied his daughter’s claim that someone else used her phone to send her a text message days before her wedding to Prince Harry.

On the show, the Duchess alleged she repeatedly called her father and sent him several messages, including one that said: “I’ve been calling you all weekend but you don’t return any of our calls or you answer any of our no text messages… Do you need help?… Which hospital are you in?

Another message, sent on May 17, 2018, reads: “Please can I ask you to stop talking to the press… You haven’t returned any of our 20+ calls, which only adds to the damage he has caused.” We’re not mad, but we really need to talk to you. Love M and H.”

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Thomas’ text response is also shown in the documentary while the dramatic music plays: “I didn’t do anything to hurt you, Megan. I don’t know anything about the 20 phone calls.” I’m sorry if my heart attack upset you.”

Thomas Markle (Grosby Collection)
Thomas Markle (Grosby Collection)

One reason the former actress questioned the authenticity of the letters was that Thomas used her full name, rather than the more common “Meg” by her family, but her father insisted he wrote it for her. Megan because she was serious about his case.

‘My dad used a lot of emojis and a lot of ellipses and it was the exact opposite of that. And he called me Megan. I was K,’Megan has never called me any day I’ve lived on this planet.Meg, all my friends called me Meg and my parents called me Meg and I was like, ‘That’s not my dad. Then we learned her phone was hacked,'” the Duchess says on the show.

The former Hollywood lighting director said he wrote “every word” of the emotional letter while he was hospitalized.

“She wrote every word she sent from that phone that I still have. Her claim that my phone was hacked is simply not true. She wrote this text while I was lying in a hospital bed after two heart attacks and stents,” Thomas Markle explained to the newspaper. daily Mail.

Markle, who is still recovering from a stroke that nearly killed him in May, explained, “I’ve used Meghan’s full name before when things got serious. It’s not true to say I’ve never used his full name. I use it when I’m serious, when there are serious issues.” related to it.”

“I wasn’t angry. I was in the hospital. They didn’t ask me once about my condition. When I received your letters, I felt bad. I think I don’t deserve those letters.”

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He also shared text messages showing that he had told her that doctors had advised him against making the trip to the UK, but he had offered to go anyway.

In a text written on May 16, 2018, just three days before the wedding, Markle wrote: “The surgery went well. The heart attack did some damage. The doctor won’t let me fly, so of course I’m sorry.” In another message several hours later, he added: “Who would turn you in if you really needed me? I’ll be there. I’m sorry for all of this.”

Then-Prince Charles ended up walking the Duchess down the aisle after she walked it alone at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

“She still has a father. I’m here and I still live in the same house and I still have the same number. I’m still his father. I’d like to see my grandchildren. I think this is a family matter that the family has to deal with. I love my daughter and always will.”

Thomas has publicly apologized several times for showing the paparazzi photos before the wedding: “I made a huge mistake for which I have apologized many times. I believed the photographer who told me these photos would relieve me of some of the pressure from the press.”

Harry and Meghan are now doing everything they told me not to do. They told me not to speak. I think what they’re doing now is way worse than anything I’ve ever done.Sentenced to Thomas Markle.

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