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La Jornada – Now Roberto Canseco is accused of assaulting the Mexican Embassy

La Jornada – Now Roberto Canseco is accused of assaulting the Mexican Embassy

Keto. The former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Political Affairs at the Mexican Embassy in Quito, Roberto Canseco, is now charged with obstruction of justice. The lawsuit against him was filed on April 16 and was only made public yesterday.

In a message posted on the social network United Mexican States, the Attorney General's Office determined what was appropriate.

The complainant is Gallo Monteverde and Milton Castillo appears as the complaining victim. They are political activists from the Ecuadorian right, and were most intense during the government of Rafael Correa. In fact, Monteverde is still under investigation for the assault on the public channel EcuadorTV, on September 30, 2010, when a group of police rebelled against the government of the time. Castillo also has several criminal investigations, the latest of which is related to influence peddling, which is why he will head to the pretrial hearing on May 27.

The Public Prosecutor's Office indicated in a statement yesterday that anyone could file a complaint, but acknowledged that Canseco, being part of a diplomatic mission, enjoyed – as dictated by international law – diplomatic immunity, and for this reason she refrained from continuing the procedure.

Under these circumstances, he ordered the Directorate of International Affairs to report the crime to the Government of Mexico. In fact, Article 400 of the Comprehensive Penal Code, cited by prosecutors, does not correspond to the meaning of the accusation, as diplomats and their families are excluded from this type of crime when carrying out tasks within their headquarters.

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In this case, Canseco defended the embassy facilities and for this reason was attacked and targeted with heavy-caliber weapons. Only when he left the diplomatic headquarters was he seen trying to stop a police car and was immediately attacked by gendarmes when he tried to prevent the forced deportation of former Vice President Jorge Glas, who had been granted political asylum by the Mexican government the day before. But Mexican President Manuel López Obrador made it official that day.

On April 11, Mexico formalized its case against Ecuador before the International Court of Justice, and that entity announced that hearings would be held on April 30 and May 1 to discuss the interim measures requested by Mexico regarding Ecuador, which are now Waiting for the final referee's decision.