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They are looking for employees to pay thousands of dollars a month: the only requirement is knowledge of Spanish

They are looking for employees to pay thousands of dollars a month: the only requirement is knowledge of Spanish

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In recent years, remote work has gained global popularity, especially since the beginning of the twentieth century Coronavirus pandemic. this Recruitment form It has proven itself as one of the most repeatable programs, making it easier for companies to do this Hiring employees from which place.

In this context, some international companies have launched new job offers Distance working. Currently, these job vacancies are available on Workana, a platform specialized in Search for jobs.

Remote work is a unique opportunity to work and earn a salary in dollars. Source: shutterstock

Check details Business proposals Available and applying to work from home, without having to attend in person. You can earn thousands of dollars a month this way..

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Below are the details about Vacancies are available in it Workana website. Most jobs are related to technology and social networking.

Publish designs to social networks

Companies are looking for a Creative graphic designer Experienced in using Photo shop, Whether you are a design student or have equivalent knowledge. This duty is responsible for creation 70 posts per month For various companies.

Creativity, talent and knowledge are required in editing software. while, A stipend of US$80 per month is offeredfor a permanent and completely remote job.

Digital receptionist

I’m looking for two Serious, kind and responsible For the new service Virtual reception. The job includes covering the reception of a health center from home and through a screen. Business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm and 3pm-9pm (Spanish time), alternate Saturdays 10am-2pm.

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Pay of $15 per hour is offered. Features include:

  1. Attend to Patients Which appears in Virtual reception From the center
  2. Solve your needs
  3. to implement Welcome protocols
  4. administration Dating program From the clinic
  5. to reply Telephone calls
  6. To emit Digital signature documents
  7. to implement Management and organization tasks

To apply for this vacancy you must visit Workana’s official website and complete the application.

Sales assistant

looking for Sales assistant To work remotely. The schedule is 1.5 hours in the morning and 3.5 hours in the afternoon, Monday through Friday.

Essentially, the selected applicant must remain in his or her country Continuous communication with customers To ensure they receive their orders (cash on delivery), and resolve any issues that may arise.

Job Details:

  • Working remotely using Como Customer Relationship Management To manage WhatsApp In an organized manner with clients.
  • Period from Accompaniment for two days To get to know the platform.
  • required Exceptional communication skills And Ability to solve problems.
  • – Previous experience in managing online stores
  • Platform management such as Dropi, Effi, Beeping, Leadsales or Kommo.

We offer competitive compensation ranging from $15-$45 per hour, depending on the candidate’s experience and skills.

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What are remote jobs?

The favor Home office It refers to a professional environment where employees can work from home or another location outside the company’s physical office. It often involves creating a file Home work spaceBut it can extend beyond the confines of the home, such as when a trip occurs.

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A clear example of this is the case of digital nomads, who choose to work remotely while traveling full-time. In this case, instead of working from a home office, They work in hotels, beach clubs, cafes and even airport lounges.

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How can I get a remote job?

the next, Three platforms offer remote work and earnings in dollars. These sites provide job opportunities covering various fields such as education, marketing, writing, graphic design, translation, and other fields.

Remote OK

that it platform I showed up to find a home office. It offers an extensive list of jobs you can apply for, with the option to Customize searches Depending on location, salary and benefits. AndThis allows you to choose which jobs pay in dollars.

The most prominent positions are the following:

  • Programming
  • design
  • Content writing
  • education
  • social networks
  • sales

We work remotely

This site is ten years old and has a community of 4.5 million users. A variety of jobs can be found, including programming and customer service.

In this case, the most notable thing is that jobs are available in different regions where they pay dollar. In addition, it has a tool that allows this Personalize the application process Depending on the company and region.

Flex jobs

This is one of the Websites Most popular for finding remote work. In these cases, work can be found regardless of location. while, Most proposals offer salaries in dollars.

The most popular types of work on this platform include communication, teaching, marketing, writing, graphic design, virtual assistance, translation, and more.

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