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Family doctors, the beacon that determines the course of the system

Family doctors, the beacon that determines the course of the system

SEMG President, Pilar Rodriguez Ledo.

he 30th National Congress of General and Family Medicine The meeting in La Coruña ends after that Three intense days of scientific activity, preceded by pre-resident sessions which will also continue with other sessions. The Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (SEMG) gathered members of Congress at its meeting The most important annual eventWhich was held from June 13 to 15 of this month “Course Leadership” logo. This is the same message that the head of SEMG wanted to convey, Pilar Rodriguez LidoAt the conclusion. “We are the ideal people to determine the course of the systemIt’s our responsibility. Let’s not give up because if we don’t, someone else will and worse.”

Rodriguez Lido emphasized the success and closeness of the conference, saying, “We have thought and discussed about our specialtyprofession and science.” Looking back, the SEMG president realized that “these are difficult times for family medicine, but I don’t know if there was a moment that wasn’t difficult.” With more than 34 years of professional experience behind her, The family doctor also believes that “the good is yet to come, and it will come if we can do it.”.

SEMG President, Pilar Rodriguez Ledo.

Regarding the integration of new technologies into primary care, a mark of the 30th National Congress, Rodriguez Ledo stated that “We are part of the new era”. In this sense, he reviewed the multiple activities of the event, hoping that it would serve as a “meeting point for all” that members of Congress welcomed with “a degree of enthusiasm, commitment, knowledge and conscience.” If we make you leave excited, we’ve achieved it“.

From Galicia to the Canary Islands

At the closing ceremony and after the awards ceremony. Rodriguez Ledo revealed the location of the next national conference, XXXI in General and Family Medicine. The most important annual event of SEMG will move from Galicia, the home region of the SEMG president, in 2024 to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in 2025.

With pride and satisfaction, and at the same time concern, the President of SEMG Galicia and the Organizing Committee, Keith Albert VuHe thanked all the conference members for attending and participating. 2,500 of them are in person and 1,500 are electronic. “We feel deeply proud at the end of this Congress. We have transcended our own views“, he announced.

Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee and President of SEMG Galicia, Keith Albert Vu.

“The path we took will lead us there Continue learning, innovating and growing as professionals and people. He added that our work is essential to the well-being of society. In conclusion, Fu stressed “continuing our mission of caring for, healing and accompanying our patients.” Proud to be a family doctor, Being a rural doctor and being at the patient’s bedside. Let’s continue to chart the course together.”

For this part, Antonio Asensifrom the organizing committee and the closing presenter, shed light on Using artificial intelligence to serve the family physician in primary care “To build more modern health care.” Asensi, who expressed his desire to meet again with those present at future events, emphasized the character of Pilar Rodríguez Ledo as “The beacon that sets the course for this health system to continue to transform it.”.

Antonio Asensi, member of the Scientific Committee and organizer of SEMG 2024.

Family photo at the conclusion of the 30th National Congress of General and Family Medicine.

Closing moment of the 30th National Congress of General and Family Medicine.

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