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Keys to Wolves winning Game 4

Keys to Wolves winning Game 4

Led by Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns, the Timberwolves were able to contain the Mavericks to extend the Western Conference Finals to a fifth game.

the Minnesota Timberwolves They achieved the winning feat Game 4 In Dallas to survive in Late West And impose game 5.

From hand Anthony Edwards And Carl Anthony Citiesthe wolves managed to contain Dallas Mavericks Based on their good defence, physical play and greater success on the field and from goal.

that’s it Keys to Wolves winning Game 4 From the Western Finals.

1.- Kat’s explosion in the second half. He was one of the Wolves players who took part in the previous three matches Carl Anthony Citieswho “exploded” in Game 4 in the second half and despite not finishing the match due to accumulated fouls, gave his team enough momentum to close a duel that ended in the last minutes with two long possessions in front in favor of coach Chris Faq.

KAT only had 5 points in the first half as he had to spend a lot of time on the bench as he got into foul trouble in the first quarter after collecting 2 points. However, the Dominican knew how to manage himself and in the second half he went 4-5 from the arc and added 20 points to make it 98-92 with 2:25 remaining in the third period. From that moment, Wolverhampton did not give up its lead until the final whistle sounded.

2.- Dominance in the paint and defense on the perimeter of the court. The Wolves were once again that defense that led them to being the third seed in the Western Conference and in Game 4 they made the Mavs uncomfortable, who were getting a low percentage from the field and 3-pointers; Furthermore, the Wolves dominated the defensive boards, which gave Dallas no second chances.

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Minnesota left its opponent 14-40 on threes and 34-81 from the field, while recovering 40 rebounds, 34 of which were defensive, with Rudy Gobert with 10 and ‘Ant-Man’ with 9.

3.- Slow start for the Mavs. Control of the game began to take shape from the first quarter, as the Wolves won 27-20 due to zero contributions from the Mavs’ top three players.

while Luka Doncic He had 10 points in the first quarter Kyrie Irving He only provided two, but P.J. Washington, Daniel Gafford and Derrick Jones didn’t add much.

By then, Edwards already had 14 goals to his personal tally, out of the 29 he finished with on the night, and was a key part of an 8-0 run that put Wolves ahead in third place.

When and when will the fifth game be between the Wolves and the Mavericks?

Game 5 of the Western Finals will be played Thursday at Target Center at 6:30 p.m. ct.