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Emilio Azcárraga on the controversy in prison: “He is looking for an excuse”

Emilio Azcárraga on the controversy in prison: “He is looking for an excuse”

America’s owner confirms that for 56 years he has been accustomed to questioning his team during referee arguments

Mexico – Owner America, Emilio AzcárragaHe mentioned in an interview with ESPN radio format Who used to associate eagles with Arbitration disputesWhich he considers to be just excuses.

“Our determination is not to win matches, but to win titles and that is what we aspire to. I believe that we will continue to work to be at the top and I see this controversy more than anything else as a search for an excuse because one team or another has lost the match,” the Mexican businessman said of the comments regarding the penalty kick that marked America’s victory in the match. The final return match against America: “If we lose, we have to find results, which is what America has always done.” Blue cross.

Azcárraga He stressed that the questions directed to referees regarding their decisions on the field are not appropriate, as they are human beings as well.

“With VAR or without VAR, it’s the same. You have to use technology, there will always be some on one side and others on the other. There will always be controversy, and to abuse referees in this way is wrong. In the end, he is a human being and he watches what he believes in, We are focusing on what we have to do on the field, there are also controversial matches, but we do not mess with the referee. He added: “What we have to do is focus on getting better core strengths, doing well in the men’s and women’s teams, and getting Results”. Emilio Azcárraga.

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Given the possibility America He becomes the first three-time champion since the establishment of the short tournaments. Azcárraga “Tomorrow we start with the 16th,” he announced excitedly. “We have been left for dead too often, but if we go to the percentage table, you will see the work that has been done. It is a failure when the final is not won.” “But the inner work is done.” “It’s not that I see a three-time champion team. The League Cup is coming and it’s important for us and we will kill ourselves to win all the titles.”

In the same way, Azcaraga Jan He accepts that the removal hurts him CONCACAF Nations League“All the eliminations hurt me. We have to win the titles that are in front of us. The chance to win the World Club Championship was just an illusion. We have to try to win against everyone and everything is painful, but we have to persevere.” “Our heads are held high.”

Sunday’s duel represents America’s last match at the Azteca Stadium before the redesign, so Emilio Azcárraga indicated that the Águilas board is working on determining the venue for the matches to be home to the next tournament: “We are conducting the analysis. In principle there is the blue stadium and we will analyze it, within League and Federation regulations.

To conclude the conversation with espnowner America Avoid confirming departure Julian Quiñones From the two-time champion team: “I don’t like to talk about players coming in and out and until we have the data, it will be clear. Note that it is not coming from America“It won’t be a note.”

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