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Julian Quiñones talks about the details of receiving an offer from Arabia: sources

Julian Quiñones talks about the details of receiving an offer from Arabia: sources

A source told ESPN that the player has already informed America’s board of directors that he is in the final stage of negotiations.

The future of Julian Quiñones Close to continuing Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Starting next summer. The sources commented on espn That the attacker is convinced to accept the offer from him Al-Qadisiyah And go to play in the Middle East starting next season.

The same source indicated this Entities He has already communicated his decision to the Board of Directors. America It is in the final stage of negotiations to finalize the transfer of the naturalized Mexican-Colombian striker to the United States Saudi League An operation costing approximately $14 million.

It is expected to be transferred in the coming days or weeks Entitieswho will receive a very significant improvement in salary compared to what he receives with the US national team, even though he is one of the highest-paid footballers in Mexican football.

Despite this, within the Coapa team, they still do not consider the negotiations closed since payment terms, quantities and amounts are still being determined between the people involved in the process.

The economic factor, in addition to the boom witnessed by the Arab League in recent months, has strengthened the idea of ​​​​establishing the League of Arab States Entities To play in Asia, there are only days until the details of the transfers between the clubs and the signing that will lead to are resolved Entities To play in the same league as Neymar, Benzema And Cristiano Ronaldo, Among other things.

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It is possible that the Mexican national team striker will miss today’s celebrations in which he is participating America He will showcase his heroism twice in front of his fans at the Azteca Stadium, where he will enjoy two days of rest, before joining the training camp for the Copa America.

His representative and interested parties are working to ensure that everything is closed before the Copa America, and the player can focus on the tournament in which Mexico will face Jamaica, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Julian Quiñones Comes from being a two-time champion with AmericaThis is the same situation that he also experienced with Atlas in previous tournaments, in addition to two other league titles that he achieved during his time with him. Tigers.

America’s plans towards Apertura 2024

America He hopes to strengthen the team with two important elements for the next tournament, one of which is to fill the spot that Quiñones aims to leave, but also that left at the beginning of the tournament by Jonathan Rodriguez, who was sold to Portland. Timber from MLS.