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The official press announces the import of cars to Cuba: And the blockade?

The official press announces the import of cars to Cuba: And the blockade?

The Cuban regime’s official press promotes the import of cars to the island, although government rhetoric relies on justifying the blockade as being responsible for the restrictions and economic collapse in the country.

the gate Cubadipati It is noteworthy that “the import of cars in Cuba witnessed significant growth during the year 2023, driven by the approval of Law No. 83 issued by the Council of Ministers, which is legislation that opened the doors for Cuban citizens to import new or used cars.”

He points out that the island has become one of the fastest growing car import markets.

The newspaper highlighted that individuals were the ones who bought the largest number of cars, representing 40% of imports, and chose electric cars due to tax facilities and low maintenance costs.

He also notes that the most purchased brands on the island are Changan, BYD, Wuling and Hozonauto, with models such as Lumin, Seagull, SongPlus Yuan Plus, Bingo, Neta V and Neta U.

Cubadebate promotes “reliability and quality Japanese brands“, and announces that Toyota models such as Hilux, Hiace, Corolla, Fortuner, RAV4, Mitsubishi L200 truck, and Suzuki models such as Swift, Espresso, and Ertiga, are the brands most in demand by small, medium and micro companies in the country. .

Likewise, it advertises the ATR export agency, which, according to the newspaper, has an after-sales service that “guarantees long-term customer satisfaction.”

Cubadebate avoids talking about importing cars from the United States, where the value of cars of various shapes last year was approximately 10 million dollarsAccording to statistics from the US Cuban Economic and Trade Council (USCTEC).

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During 2023 they were imported to the island New cars valued at $357,442and used cars ($4,385,612) and mobile homes ($186,500).

This is despite the fact that the regime bases its rhetoric on the supposed prohibitions of the siege.