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Mexico should not go to trial in the Copa America: the former national team

Mexico should not go to trial in the Copa America: the former national team

Former players of the Mexican national team believe that for the sake of prestige they had to go with the best to fight for the title.

Previous Mexican teams are now demanding the Trial, indicating that the next America’s Cup He should not serve the team he leads Jaime Lozano Go for the experience and put yourself out there without a good strategy, but you should even think about fighting in the final of the Continental Championship.

Adolfo Rioswho participated in two America’s Cup: Bolivia 97 and Paraguay 99, they were strong when they said: “ America’s Cup We must neither invent nor experiment; “It is the greatest event we can aspire to after the World Cup.”

He added: “Throughout history, Mexico It was a very good participation America’s Cup And it shouldn’t be any different this time. We must continue to maintain prestige and strive not only to reach the semi-finals; “Of course the intention is to try to get to the final and, why not, to try to make history.”

Rivers He repeated that America’s CupThen, if so, “it seems to me that we are questioning the credibility of the call, that we are giving little importance to something of great value. It is clear to me that the players have well defined the project they want with which we are facing and that this project is defined by the results.”

In this sense, he proved: “I think so Mexico It must qualify and transcend, it must reach what is given as discourse at a given moment; This means that the minimum would be reaching the semi-finals, but I repeat, inventions are not made at such important international tournaments, as in this case. America’s Cup“.

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We’ll see what Lozano is made of

for his part, Braulio Luna He was clear when pointing out: “Although it was not the choice everyone expected, it is what I believe in Mexico He has the team to get past the first round. I don’t know if it’s enough for him to do more, but the two-week preview he had, before his first match in that competition, should help the players a lot; Above all, l “Jimmy” Lozano“.

“This is where we’ll see if.”Jimmy“He really has the ability as a strategist at those levels, because we have to complete so many things with this group, collectively, individually, tactically and in knowing what we are playing.” This is very important; he ‘Jimmy“You have to communicate very clearly to these players what you intend to do.”

“A lot of work needs to be done tactically, in the game plan, and in the systems; whether there will be changes, or whether they will simply adjust as things happen without changing their tactical system. His challenge.”Jimmy“It’s very good, very interesting.”

Internal competition has decreased

In addition, Luis Floreswhich was directed by Miguel Mejía Barón in America’s Cup Ecuador 93 showed that it does not expect much from Mexican national team In the America’s Cup.

“I am, that’s why Mexican national team I would like to put the level of competition between the teams of 86, 94 and 98, the La Volpe team, a lot of poetry, a lot of poetry, but it left me with nothing.

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“I think that starting in 1998, the internal competition of Mexican football gradually declined,” he said, asserting that Femexfoot hampered its growth by eliminating promotion and relegation, and accepting a large number of foreigners.

“When you’re looking for things like beating the USA, for God’s sake! You’re talking to me about completely opposite things… I remember that when we played the USA or Canada, they would score three, four or five goals.”

He added: “We are doing something wrong. Take care of your business, but give a little to Mexican football; they will destroy it if they continue this trend that everything is money and everything is business.” For national football leaders.

Flowers He stated that in the tricolor of ’93, the team had an additional advantage: that some of its players were active in European clubs: “We were very professional people, and we formed a team that gave a lot of satisfaction to people, both in the qualifiers and in America’s Cup And the gold cup.

We need to take that big “small” step.

Marcelino BernalMember of the Mexican national team Who participated in America’s Cup Uruguay 95 noted, “Personally, that group of players taught me how to be more responsible. Coach Miguel Mejia Baron always gave us advice and was always aware of the player and his needs. He left me many lessons.”

He also emphasized: “As if it were in Mexico We didn’t take that “big little step” and so on America’s Cup It was not the exception. We didn’t have the power. “Yes, we played good matches, but it’s not enough.”

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