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The only one-dollar L note that can be worth millions

The only one-dollar L note that can be worth millions

Numismatics in the United States and the world is a world that always brings surprises. The largest has to do with the multi-million valuation that some auction houses or collectors give a bill or coin.

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Now, we encounter a simple $1 bill worth $2 million thanks to small details that make it special. Specifically, it’s a typo found in its nominal serial number.

What could be a $2 million mistake?

This is a mismatch in the color of its seal (blue) which, along with the letter “L” in its series, is seen as a unique, exotic and highly valuable piece. It was printed by the United States authorities in 1957.

Like banknotes of this type, it bears the image of George Washington, who was the first president of the United States between 1789 and 1797.

¿What is numismatics?

It is the study or collection of coins and other related items, such as banknotes, securities, and medals. It covers the study of currency and payment, and bears witness to the economic, commercial and political history of humankind.

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