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How to save mobile data during a flight and still use Spotify or Netflix

How to save mobile data during a flight and still use Spotify or Netflix

Technology is part of every family’s travels, whether for entertainment or location. (Photo: Freebeck)

It is common that during a multi-day trip in a remote location, the need to have sufficient mobile data is essential, but restricting its use to certain apps can be a hassle for the family.

However, there are several ways to continue enjoying content from platforms such as Netflix or Spotify, without consuming a large amount of Internet data which will be very useful later.

For this reason, we offer some recommendations to improve mobile data usage in remote locations, And you still continue to enjoy movies or songs on these platforms.

Spotify is one of the platforms that consumes the most mobile data. (Photo: Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

On Spotify, one of the first actions you can take is to download content before starting your journey. Take advantage of Wi-Fi to download your favorite playlists, albums and podcasts, Which will allow you to listen to them without consuming mobile data.

Additionally, adjust the playback quality in the app and select low or normal quality options through Settings and Music Quality. This will significantly reduce data usage.

In addition, It is recommended to activate offline mode in the settings so that only previously downloaded content can be heard.

Netflix has the option to download the desired content and then watch it without data. (Photo: Reuters/Dado Rovik/Illustration//archive photo)

For its part, Netflix allows you to download series and movies to watch them offline. Before leaving on a trip, download episodes of series and movies using a Wi-Fi connection.

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In Settings, then Mobile Data Usage, Select “Wi-Fi Only” to prevent the app from using your mobile data plan, and you should set the video quality to “Data Saver” to limit consumption.

Netflix also offers a Smart Downloads option that helps manage your downloads automatically, deleting watched episodes and downloading new ones when a WiFi connection is available.

Mobile data access for certain applications should be limited. (picture information)

To optimize data usage during a long trip, you must activate data saving mode on the mobile device. This is a step-by-step in every operating system, limiting data usage by all applications.

  • On Android devices, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage > Data saving.
  • On iOS devices, go to Settings > Mobile > Options > Low Data Mode.

Another important tip is to deactivate automatic syncing of apps in settings and do it manually only when necessary and you have access to WiFi.

Save mobile data using secure WiFi networks when you are in cafes, airports, hotels and other public places. Consider investing in a VPN to protect your personal information while using public networks.

Regulating mobile data usage prevents it from being interrupted at an inopportune moment. (picture information)

Using apps designed to monitor and manage mobile data usage can be very helpful. Some apps allow you to set limits and receive alerts when you’re approaching your data limit. Also regularly check the data consumption on your smartphone.

On Android, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage, and on iOS, go to Settings > Mobile Data. Staying informed about data consumption is crucial to avoid surprises.

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Make sure to download app updates only when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. This practice helps avoid excessive mobile data usage that may result from automatic downloads and updates.

One option is to bring downloaded e-books, audiobooks, and games that do not require an internet connection, and they can be an excellent alternative for entertainment. Not only does it save data, it also provides variety in the content being consumed.

In addition, you should check what in-flight entertainment options may be available during your flight. Some long-range flights and trains offer entertainment services that do not require the use of mobile data.