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Heavy rains in Ecuador have caused a landslide that has left at least six dead and 30 missing

Heavy rains in Ecuador have caused a landslide that has left at least six dead and 30 missing

Several dead and missing due to an avalanche in Ecuador (EUROPA PRESS)

at least Six people diedAnd six others were injured 30 are missing According to a preliminary report from National Secretariat for Risk Management (SNGR) to Ecuador About the landslide that occurred today, Sunday, in the Andes region in the center of the country, affected by heavy rains.

An avalanche was recorded in the village pleasurein the area Green riverClose to the tourist city Holy water bathsin the province Tungurahuawhere the volcano of the same name rises, identified Singer.

“Due to the rains that the Gaza Strip witnessed, a large landslide occurred that completely affected the main road, affecting the people and machinery that were working in the Gaza Strip.”The source added, referring to the closure of the connecting road Holy water baths with Boyothe capital of the neighboring Amazon province macaroni.

On his part, ECU-911 Integrated Security Service He noted that there may have been up to nine people killed due to this avalanche, and reported that the highway bridge in the area was at risk due to the increase in snow flow. Pastaza River.

This weekend’s storm affected several provinces (Photo: Presidencia Ecuador)

also, ECU-911 He pointed out that it was near that place, in an area Peleliu There was a landslide that affected the road Kahwagi-pilate-cotaloWhich crosses the foot of the volcano Tungurahua.

The effects of the storms recorded over the weekend also affected other provinces in the country’s Central Andes region, as well as the Amazon region.

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In the Andean province Chimborazo Surplus of Boyla RiverIn addition, a bridge collapsed in the area BalitahuaWhere there are homes at risk.

Surplus of Chimbu RiverIn the same area, the authorities caused the evacuation of 55 people (tourists) in the Strip taste.

Also on Chimborazo volcanoWhich gave its name to the governorate. Snow and hail were recorded, affecting the road linking the two cities Riobamba and Garandawhere you take a route to climb that mountain refuge, which is the highest in the country with a height of 6,263 metres.

The source added that the accumulation of hailstones prevented vehicles from passing on that road, explaining that the road is closed to traffic.

Many people were evacuated due to flooding (EFE / archive)

In the Amazon province Morona SantiagoIn the southeast of the country, flooding Tutanangosa River The foundations of the monorail bridge were undermined as was the case in the neighboring area San Luis del Obanowhere is he Obano River It also increased its flow and undermined the foundations of another bridge used by the community.

Heavy rain affected other roads Morona Santiago as Sukuwa Wakame, New Horizons – San Jose Norte, Tayusa Muchinkin And Mujon Pakishawhere is the Malicopa River.

Surplus of Ballora River At the height of the city Paul VIwhile rose Kobuino River It led to a traffic interruption on the road linking my city Macas (capital Morona Santiago) And Boyo (Head of the Amazon Province macaroni).

In the Amazon province Nabooflooding of tributaries that descend into river courses Gallo de Peña and San Jose It affected the city school Chaco It affected a second-order path.

Authorities in Ecuador remain on alert due to the consequences of the rain (EFE/FILE)

Bridge over Oyatashi River It collapsed and affected the neighborhood Chontaluma From the parish Saint Rose de ChacoIn addition to a road used for fish farming.

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Several alternative and main routes were also affected by the storms in the Amazon province macaroniWhere a bridge collapsed Tiger RiverAs well as a landslide that affected the road between them Boyo and Tina.

In the Andean province Pichinchawhose capital Ketobypass Bisque River In the area Guilabamba And landslides in the area Chillogallo and on the Pifo-Papallacta highwayWhich is “completely closed”.

Close to city Cayambeabout 80 kilometers north Ketobypass Guachala River Destruction of road infrastructure and tourist area.

Accidents due to rain have also been reported in the Andean province Kanyar (South) due to a flood Borgay River; As well as in the neighbourhood AzwayWhere the road was affected Cuenca-Girón-Pasaje.

(With information from EFE)