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USA: Disposable coffee cups have caused a crisis for many companies

USA: Disposable coffee cups have caused a crisis for many companies

Starbucks cup. Photo: Getty Images.

Coffee lovers in the United States will be hit hard by the supply chain crisis. in the coming months, Customers of Starbucks and other coffee shops will likely have to leave the house with their own cups in the face of a widespread shortage of disposable eating containers.

The shortage of paper cups has been linked to port congestion and a significant reduction in the workforce across the country, as well as a post-pandemic appetite for fast food.

A Starbucks spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the chain is working hard to supply itself with more disposable cups, and that leftover holiday cups, for now, are “helping fill the void.” The company spends about $6 billion annually on these packages.

What happens to disposable cups?

Glass, much of it imported from China, is “stuck” in ports, and the United States has yet to recover from the freezing cold snap in Texas, which has crippled production of resins used to make plastic cups and paper lining. cups.

Of course, the challenge is not limited to Starbucks. California’s Wetzel Pastry, a chain with 350 locations, is also among the fast-food outlets having a hard time fulfilling orders that require paper containers.

“Think about how creative you are at finding a test for Covid,” Jennifer Schuller, the company’s CEO, told the Wall Street Journal. “it is.”

(taken from Yahoo Finance)

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