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SmackDown Report 10/27 – Roman Reigns and LA Knight sign a contract

SmackDown Report 10/27 – Roman Reigns and LA Knight sign a contract

This week’s program with the contract signing between LA Knight and Roman Reigns For their battle at Crown Jewel 2023.

Knight sits where Roman usually sits and declares that this match means Roman will lose the undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Roman replies that since his rival has never been involved in any contract signing or any title fight, he will teach him how it’s done. After the signing, LA Knight confirms that he is now the “Boss of the Table” and demands that Reigns acknowledge him and then confirms that even though this was his first contract signing or his first title match, he should not be overrated, because in just one match would he? He managed to get to the position he is in now and will be able to take the championship away from him, as there can only be one champion. Roman gets angry and attacks his competitor in the Crown Jewel, and manages to knock him to the ground. He then set up a table but despite Jimmy Uso showing up, LA Knight was able to turn the situation around and throw Jimmy into the table.

The Street Profits (Montyz Ford and Angelo Dawkins) defeated Team LWO (Santos Escobar and Carlito, who took over for Mysterio).During the fight, Carlito went backstage to help Rey Mysterio, who was being attacked by Logan Paul. This caused Escobar to be at a disadvantage.

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Roman Reigns appeared backstage Paul Heyman showed Reigns a WWE title “designed exclusively for the Green Bay Packers.” Heyman said he would give the title to the LA Knight team because they would be the closest the Knight or the Green Bay Packers would be to becoming champions. Jimmy Uso appears. Reigns said they should take care of Knight tonight. Heyman said he would talk to Nick Aldis about scheduling a match with Jimmy Knight at a later date.

Logan Paul is shown walking Cathy Kelly followed him. Paul glanced around for a second and then walked away. Standing against the wall was Kevin Owens, who was kicked out by Paul. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller entered the scene and confronted Owens. WWE officials parted ways. With Owens seemingly gone, Owens came out of nowhere and knocked down Waller and Theory with one punch.

Shotzi defeated Chelsea Green.

Bianca Belair is leaving He talks about the previous attack carried out by Damage CTRL. Confirms that he will face IYO SKY at Crown Jewel

John Cena comes out to the ring He stresses that the WWE Universe supported him when he needed it most, but he feels that at Crown Jewel when he faces Solo Sikoa, it may be the first time in over 20 years that he has lost people’s respect, and that is why he has to work at his maximum. The crowd in the arena chants that Cena still has the talent it takes, but Cena wonders if it’s true and that to prove it he must win at Crown Jewel. At that moment Paul Heyman appears and thanks Cena because for 21 years stadiums have been filled just because of his name, and that even though he is not “the greatest of all time” because he could not beat Roman Reigns in his day, he is still one of the best. However, Heyman adds that Cena has angered The Bloodline and that’s why Solo Sequa will eliminate him, and that even if he thought he should beat Solo Sequa, it wouldn’t happen, and this is a spoiler. Then, Solo Sikoa appears and attacks Cena with “Spinning Solo” and “Samoan Spike”.

Dragon Lee defeats Cedric Alexander

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In the main event, Los Angeles Knight defeated Jimmy UsoAfter the fight, Roman Reigns appears to spear his opponent, but he dodges it and uses another BFT.