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Next Friday Equality presents the “Invisible Scientists” exhibition at the Casa de Cultura de Lavas

Next Friday, February 3, the Equality Department of the Lavas del Bay City Council presents the “Invisible Scholars” exhibition at the House of Culture at 8:00 pm, as part of the festive activities of February 11, World Culture Day. Women and girls in science.

Rocío Guigaro, Equality Councillor, has invited all residents to attend the presentation of the exhibition, which will remain open to the public until April 3.

With the goal of achieving the full and equal access and participation of women and girls in science, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed February 11 as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. A celebration specifically aimed at promoting education and awareness activities and recognizing the achievements of women in the field of science. Since the launch of the l’Alfàs + Equalitarian project, l’Alfàs City Council has organized various activities to celebrate a date considered particularly important in the equality agenda. In conjunction with the fair, various guided tours will be held with educational centers, associations and groups affiliated with the municipality. Chancellor Rocío Guijarro explains the goal to “introduce all women who have contributed to scientific progress in our society, because in this way they show role models for our young women and girls. Thus promoting study by them in STEM careers (abbreviation for terms in English Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ).

Currently, women and girls face barriers of many kinds, sometimes very subtle, that impede their existence in science. This inequality is evident in the choice of studies by girls and becomes more acute as they advance in scientific and technological professions. In fact, despite the fact that women make up the majority in universities, their percentage drops to 25% when it comes to engineering studies, both in Spain and in Europe. Specifically, in the so-called Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the percentage of women among students is 10%.

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This commemorative ceremony aims to recall the essential role women and girls play in science to encourage their full and equitable participation, adds Lavas Equality Counselor Rocío Guijaro.

The Invisible Scholars is an initiative that aims to help recover and acknowledge the work of women scientists throughout history to the present day. It is an example of stories of talent, work and struggle among women. Besides some well-known names, such as Marie Curie, we reveal the names of many other scientists, almost unknown to most of them, whose contributions have been fundamental to the advancement of nuclear physics, mathematics, genetics, biology, chemistry, astrophysics, and computer science.

The exhibition contains the biographies of several important scientists, some known and others not known to the community. All of them applied creativity and innovation to their lives and careers, overcoming obstacles that limited them to contribute to the social and economic development of our society. Actions taken by departments to mitigate discrimination against female scientists and enhance their careers.

Objectives Increasing interest in science and favoring the development of scientific professions among young students. Expanding the society’s vision regarding the interdisciplinarity of scientific and technological activity. Encouraging discussion and reflection on the impact of gender differences in science learning. Identify and appreciate some of the contributions of women to science, technology, and the well-being of humanity. Stimulate a change of attitude regarding the equality of men and women before science.