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The “Caravan of Humanities and Sciences” arrives at Santa Martha Acatetla Prison

The “Caravan of Humanities and Sciences” arrives at Santa Martha Acatetla Prison

to wording | January 29, 2023

The “Humanities and Sciences Caravan” program is a link between SSC-CDMX and UNAM and aims to promote comprehensive reintegration in prisons in the capital

the Prison System Agent of the Secretariat for Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC-CDMX) In cooperation with Directorate General for the Dissemination of Human Sciences (DGDH) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the “Humanities Caravan” At the Women’s Center for Social Reintegration in Santa Martha Acatetla.

The Women’s Center for Social Reintegration located in the Mayor’s Office of Iztapalapa has received experts in social, natural and human sciences from UNAM, as part of the educational and cultural activities carried out in prisons, to promote comprehensive reintegration.

SSC-CDMX reported that on this occasion, UNAM presented more than 150 books with editions most representative of its editorial program to the Centro Femenil Santa Martha Acatitla Library Collection.

It should be noted that in September of last year, the convoy visited the Northern Men’s Protective Prison, where music, psychology, cartoon and theater activities were carried out. The event is a project created by the United Nations Mission in collaboration with the General Directorate of Science Dissemination and the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTEI) of Mexico City.

In this sense, Rafael Ángel Figueroa Perea, General Director of Humanities Publishing at UNAM, explained that the aim of the caravan is to transfer human and social knowledge to society, adding that it is an attractive and accessible program for the dissemination of works of the field of humanities and the university.

In addition, he explained that some of the titles that will be available as of today in the library are: The Iliad Homer, Volume I of Emotions dictionarys, How to See magazine made in lTo the General Directorate for the deployment of the United Nations Missionwhich will be available for use by all residents.

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Among the activities that took place was Concerto for saxophone and poetry by Santiago Echnikfrom the Faculty of Music, in addition, Veronica Alcala Herrera from the Faculty of Psychology gave a lecture on emotions, in which women deprived of their liberty reflected on the importance of expressing their feelings and the different techniques to deal with them.

To conclude with the event, the clown show “You see and you don’t see” was performed by the Telescopio Teatro, and at the same time the Mexican Cartoni Workshop, presented by Tony Cartoni, who expressed that the aim is to share this type of activity that really requires stylization human rights for persons deprived of their liberty.

A workshop was also held in the library entitled “Knitting, Non-woven, by the Center for Research and Gender Studies (CIEG) with Reformation, Audacity and Reflection on Our Stories of Love and Grief”.