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The patient tried to escape through a hospital window in Guayaquil

The patient tried to escape through a hospital window in Guayaquil

This Tuesday, November 30, 2021, a person received medical care in Guasmo Sur Hospital, employment Guayaquil, try to escape from fourth floor.

The patient was treated in an area pulmonology And in the first supervision he broke glass outside the window and outside. In videos spread on social media, a man was seen trying to escape in his underwear and then lying on the edge.

At first it was thought that he was a person deprived of liberty (PPL) who wanted to escape from health care center. However, hospital sources later clarified that he is not a prisoner, but someone who has addiction problems and wants to leave.

When alerting members Guayaquil Fire Department They went to the site and used a ladder cart to help him.

On November 23, the PPL who was admitted to Guasmo Hospital wanted to escape, but he was I stopped At the center door before policeman. The man was wearing Doctor Square.

The man’s intentions were not fulfilled because the police, who cooperated with the control on the outside of that sanitary house, were alerted by a hospital worker.

The guest entered with wounds On the twelfth of this month, after the bloody events that occurred on that day and on the following day Guayaquil prison This left more than 65 people dead.

After his arrest, the police contacted the agent in charge of PPL monitoring and arrested him.

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