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Mexico’s famous house of Apio Quijano is the seventh to be eliminated on Sunday, July 23 |  Sergio Meyer |  Nicola Porcella |  VII outside |  Reality from TelevisaUnivision |  Candidates |  fame

Mexico’s famous house of Apio Quijano is the seventh to be eliminated on Sunday, July 23 | Sergio Meyer | Nicola Porcella | VII outside | Reality from TelevisaUnivision | Candidates | fame

The scariest day for Infierno fans came with the elimination of the first participant from this team. Quijano celeryAnd Sergio Mayer also Nicola PorsellaOne of them left for good the “famous home of Mexico” on Sunday, July 23 after staying seven weeks. The public vote determined who remained.

It should be noted that this was blacklisted by Barbie Juárez, who was once again rescued by chief Jorge Llosa, a strategy that helped them eventually get rid of one of their competitors; A situation that generated tension in coexistence since then The little demons felt that someone was betraying them and targeted the Peruvians. Is his speculation correct? Only the public watching 24/7 knows that.

Who was excluded from the “House of Celebrities of Mexico”?

After the public vote, Apio Quijano became the seventh to be eliminated from “The House of Famous Mexico”. He became the first person from the Infierno cast to leave the reality show.

Abiu says goodbye to ‘The House of Famous Mexico’ (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

Who was the first to be saved?

This time around, the dynamic has changed completely, as all three candidates are on the verge of a big decision. The first to be saved by the public was Sergio Mayer, who did not hide his sadness that one of his teammates was leaving.

Sergio Mayer’s reaction after being rescued in ‘The House of Famous Mexico’ (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

The second defender was Nicolas, who emerged victorious after many laps at the gate of the big decision, making his little devilish gesture.

Nicola is the second saved in ‘The House of Famous Mexico’ (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

APIO’s words to his accomplices after being removed from Mexico’s “House of Fame”

After leaving the “Famous House of Mexico”, Apio addressed his companions. First he dedicated the words to Jorge Llosa and Barbie: “Keep fighting and defending what’s yours, they are good competitors because they fight us”.

He also dedicated words to his roommates: “To my team hell, I love you, no matter what you have and haven’t said about me. I am grateful and honored to be a part of this team. Each and every one of you remains in a part of me, in a part of my heart.”.

How was the situation for the judiciary?

Before the results of the elimination were known, residents had to stand behind one of the three candidates and give their reasons for leaving.

  • celery. Behind him stood Emilio, Poncho
  • Sergio. Behind him stood Jorge, Barbie
  • Nicola. Wendy stands behind him.
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How did the candidates feel after the placement?

  • Sergio Maier considered it all part of the game and expected each of Cielo’s members to be behind him.
  • Apio Quijano indicates that he was unimpressed by Poncho’s positioning, who told him he was playing differently. He noted that he had a big heart.
  • Nicola Porcilla said he appreciates Wendy has put herself behind him because he admires her and sympathizes with her story, also because they have things to say to each other. “We are brothers and friends (…). I am in “The House of the Famous of Mexico” for a dream and a promise to bring my family to Mexico”shown.

Candidates bid farewell to their colleagues

After spending several minutes with their teammates, it is time for the candidates to go into the room to hear who will be the first to be rescued. Before Apio, Sergio and Nicola bid farewell to their friends.

The candidates say goodbye to their friends at “The House of Famous Mexico” (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

Is Nicola and Abiu the weakest?

When Galilea Montijo asked Nicola and Appio if they considered themselves the weakest, the Peruvian said that he did not know if that was the word, but that he knew the less experienced one. “I don’t know if it’s an advantage or not.”he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Abiu said the nomination does not leave him in the weakest link, as this is a new experience and now it will be tested with the public.

What does Sergio think about the candidacy with Nicola and Abiu

Sergio Meyer expressed his displeasure with the nomination known with two of his roommates. “It’s the first time I feel sad because I’m with two great mates and humans. No one from Team Hell is weak, we are all strong because we are family and we stayed united and loyal.”precise.

Nicola, Abiu and Sergio are ready to hear who is staying at Mexico’s ‘famous house’ (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

What are the nominees excluded from the “House of Celebrities of Mexico”?

Apio Quijano, Sergio Mayer or Nicola Porcella used their strategies to seek people’s support.

Celery Quijano asked

Showing all his love, Apio Quijano’s boyfriend, Juanpa Serrano, made a post by the Kabah member on his Instagram profile so that he could still be in “The House of Famous Mexico.”

Here we support @apioquijano at @lacasafamosmx #teamapi #ejercitoquijanoHe wrote in the photo July 14th. Are people now convinced of his candidacy?

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The support Apio Quijano has received from her boyfriend (Photo: Juanpa Serrano/Instagram)

Sergio Meyer asked

Sergio Mayer’s strategy was to use his social networks to convince the public to vote for him to stay another week on the TelevisaUnivision reality show.

Tata’s strategy to save himself and stay in Mexico’s “famous home” (Photo: Sergio Mayer/Instagram)

“This week Tata is in danger of leaving the house, so you have to support him”He reads the video he is showing when he is presented with his candidacy. “This week Daddy needs your support again! Voting is now open and you can vote”reads in the photo.

Ask Nicola Porcella

On their Instagram profile, they have uploaded a video of Nicola Porcella with a song saying that she belongs in hell and that he will never give up. “Union makes strength! Thank you all and Nicola will not leave.”you read.

“My people here we go for the ‘House of Famous Mexico’ everything is incredible but hey I had to be nominated so please vote for me. I didn’t think I’d be here and I’m nominated now but I know thanks to you we’ll go far so nothing it’s little tests that put us sometimes it’s already happened to us many times that they tried to eliminate us and they couldn’t because we are a massive army so thanks a lot in advance kiss and vote we’ll finally get there yeah or yeah”he says in a video.

How do candidates get to filter the Gala “LA CASA DE LOS FAMOSOS MÉXICO”?

Apio Quijano arrives quiet, but says he wants to stay in the house because it gives him elegance, plus he has a very big heart for all the residents.

Sergio Meyer arrived pensive at this concert, which could be his last. If the audience decided to leave, he indicated that he would feel nostalgic because he would have liked to have made it to the final, but at the same time he would leave with gratitude and gratitude.

Nicola Porcella feels vulnerable in this list of nominees. “I believe that every beautiful story has an end and I think mine has come to an end”He said.

How do you vote to keep your favorite page?

Like every Wednesday, the names of the candidates were known. If you want to save your favorite candidate, you must live in Mexico and access the program’s official website. Remember, voting is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, during Pre-Galas, Gallas, and Post-Galas.

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The steps to follow to vote in “La Casa de los Famosos México” are:

  • Enter the page Or use the QR code shown during Galas.
  • On the web, access the Vote section.
  • Select the participant you want to vote for.
  • Click “Submit Vote”.

Don’t forget: The general public can only vote once.

The three nominees for “The House of Famous Mexico”: Apio, Nicola and Sergio (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

How do I vote if I have a VIX PREMIUM subscription?

One of the benefits of having a ViX Premium subscription is that you can vote up to 10 times a day. As in the previous case, you will be able to choose your preference during pre-gallas, pre-gallas, and post-gallas on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

  • Steps to follow if you have a ViX Premium subscription:
  • Follow each of the steps we told you earlier.
  • After voting for the first time, click Continue Voting.
  • Enter your ViX Premium account credentials and password.
  • Vote for the selected participant until you have completed 10 votes.

Don’t forget: 10 votes must be used in the same session.

How to subscribe to ViX Premium?

You can be a subscriber of the popular broadcasting portal by registering

What happened before the “Mexico House of Fame” was wiped out

* Nicola Porcella’s impotence and her relief with Sergio

* Mayer surprises everyone by going out in underwear

While coexistence continues amid drama, joy, discussions and sadness. Who said combining multiple characters would be easy? A complex situation where tasks are distributed and some do not fully comply with them. For example, we saw how the coat He complained about his classmates for leaving their utensils completely dirty In the laundry room or when Wendy does her friends’ laundry. Barbie, on the other hand, wanted to train the residents, but one of them ended up getting infected.

The emotional moment of the week was the date the With a balloon and bring tears to his grandfather. But without a doubt, the theme party He made everyone have a fun night, and boy did they have fun!