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Los Boques: This is the last date for the singers before they say goodbye to the stage forever

Los Boques: This is the last date for the singers before they say goodbye to the stage forever

The famous group consisting of Marco Antonio Solis (voice), José Solis (tambourine, backing vocals), Joel Solis (guitar), Roberto Guadarrama (timbale), José Guadarrama (guitar), Pedro Sanchez (drums) and Eusebio El Chivo. “Cortez (bass and chorus) popularly known as pokies, They are about to hold their last event of the year.

After a series of successful events in 2023, 2022 and 2021, everything seems to indicate that the group headed by Marco Antonio Solis Everything is ready to say goodbye again, as no new dates for 2024 have been confirmed on their social networks, which is why it is assumed that they have already set the date of the concert in which they will say goodbye to their fans forever.

The band will be at a music festival Screenshot IG/somoslosbukis.

The Bucs chose it as their last resort Besami Mucho Festival Which will be held in Los Angeles, California, USA. The concert date is Saturday, December 2nd until the end of the event Instagram And Facebook Officially, the musicians made sure that everyone who followed their work accompanied them on this special day.

“Los Angeles will be the scene of the event of the year, the Besami Mocho Festival. Saturday, December 2, Dodger Stadium, it will be a great pleasure to see the entire #Bukimania,” reads part of the message on their social networks.

The group is led by Marco Antonio Solis. Screenshot IG/somoslosbukis.

although group And a translator of songs such as “Your prison”and “Better go,” and “Christmas without you,” and “My greatest needs,” and “Love me,” and “Wherever you go,” and “Your lies,” and “Good luck thief,” and “I accept my defeat,” and “ “How hard it is to cry like this” to name a few, they have not explicitly announced that they will no longer perform live events, and their fans are not giving up hope and asking them in the comments to do another tour.

“Let them release just a video from the tour, even if it’s just a song”, “Please come back to Mexico”, “2024 there should be a lot of concerts, it will take a lot, take that into consideration My Bukis please.” “, “Please come to Mexico again” and “I don’t care about others in this concert, with the Bokis, who hurts who hurts,” are some of the comments on the band’s post.

It’s the end of the reunion. Screenshot IG/somoslosbukis.

It should be noted that Besami Mucho Festival It is also headed by other stars of great importance such as Alejandro Fernandez, Mana, Pepe Aguilar, Los Angeles Azules, Tijuana toucanPaquita La del Barrio, Molotov, Kevanis, Gloria Trevi, Ric, Camila, Emmanuel, Belinda, and Natalia Lafourcade to name just a few of the long list that makes up the event.

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Official list of artists. IG screenshot/besamemuchofest

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