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Pride!  Costa Rican artists participate in an exhibition dedicated to Costa Rica in the United States

Pride! Costa Rican artists participate in an exhibition dedicated to Costa Rica in the United States

Melissa Gonzalez

mgon[email protected] | Monday, September 11, 2023 at 03:30 pm

Ten Costa Rican artists have been selected to present their artwork in an exhibition dedicated to Costa Rica organized by the Museum of the Americas in Denver, United States.

The exhibition, titled “Costa Rica: Always Live Work and Peace,” will display to the public for four months objects from the museum’s private collection, as well as works of contemporary art.

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Curated by Maria Paula Moreira and Mauricio Cruz, the exhibition includes sculpture, textile art, drawing, photography, video, installation and graphic design.

“The Museum of the Americas is honored to present the exhibition we have been waiting for for a long time. The show about Costa Rica, with the themes and methods we are planning, is about bringing new perceptions and visions,” said Claudia Moran, Executive Director of the Museum of the Americas.

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Artists and their works

Genesis Lopez de la O “Nauces of a Shared Resistance” is a photographic piece depicting women participating in International Women’s Day street protests in San Jose.

Edwin Godinez and Andres Gomez (Mino) The work “El Paraíso” seeks to save the three types of forests (rain, cloud and dry) found in Costa Rica and their great biodiversity, through an audio-visual installation.

Lemmy De La Rosa and Terrasha Morgan “Fuckboy” is a video by country singer and artist Terrasha, produced and directed by Lemmy De La Rosa. He refers to those men with whom a formal relationship cannot be established, because he sees women as sexual beings and not as more complex beings.

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Mauricio Cruz It presents a montage of four models representing the brand’s design work from the presentation of its first collection to its latest.

Alonso Campos He will present three paper sculptures resembling stuffed butterflies, which act as a web of metaphors as they are explored. When we seek to preserve our memories, we perform an act similar to those who practice taxidermy, in their efforts to preserve them.

Emma Segura “Trans Itinerary” represents an autobiographical approach from soft sculpture to the trans body and identity as an exercise in the politicization of the private.

Federico Herrero The photo series shows the ever-changing relationships between nature and urban structures, an ongoing dialogue occurring in countries such as Costa Rica.

Annabella Prince A narrative series of 3D self-portraits, called “El desdoblamiento,” explores her identity and inner self to create a metaphor for the often contradictory roles women experience in society and her journey to create permanence and adaptation as a migrant.