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Anel Norenha asks for reconciliation with Marisol Sosa after accusing her son-in-law of assaulting her: “Let’s stop everything”

Anel Norenha asks for reconciliation with Marisol Sosa after accusing her son-in-law of assaulting her: “Let’s stop everything”

Anil Norenha admitted that he wanted to Leave behind all misunderstandings with your daughter Marisol Sosa And his family to start a new story without hard feelings See your grandchildren againSo he sent him a message with the intention of opening his heart.

During an interview for the program Ventaninado, José José’s ex-partner sent a message to his daughter “Hey Mary, seriously, I’ve been looking for you, but honey, let’s stop everything.”A very emotional Anil Norenha announced in front of the TV cameras.

They have always been very close Photo: Instagram anel_norenamx

Anil Norenha and Marisol Sosa are separated due to Jose Jose’s rights

And I add “Sorry, I’m wrong too, but so are you, So I excuse you and you excuse me and the problem is over, what we can’t do is keep letting the days go by because I don’t know if I’ll wake up tomorrow and neither will they.”

The actress told her daughter and her family that she was waiting for them for breakfast or lunch, so that their relationship could return again and make up for lost time. “But come have breakfast with me or eat with me.” She also emphasized that her mother’s heart never stopped loving and missing Marisol.

Anel was one of José José’s great lovers Photo: Instagram anel_norenamx

“I love her so much and I love her more every day because mothers’ hearts always beat every day,” Anil Norenia admitted.

They both disagreed after that Anil Norenha was declared heir universal to José José and had absolute rights to the name, and it is assumed that the relationship was affected by Anel tried to accuse Marisol of using her father’s nameBut she said this happened because Her daughter had previously distanced herself from her.

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Anil always maintained that as long as they had a close family relationship there would be no problem, but if his daughter insisted on maintaining a distance and relationship with strangers and not family, she would have to pay a fee for using the name Jose Jose.

Anel Norenha confirms that Marisol Sosa’s husband tried to hit her

The situation worsened when she accused her son-in-law, Xavier Orozco, that he could have hit her by explaining that they had fought and that he and her daughter had become very violent and that she was afraid he would physically assault her.

from your side Marisol issued a statement denying Anil’s accusations “I respect my mother, but I cannot allow defamation and attacks of this kind towards my husband and myself. […] “I gave up inheritance money knowing what would complicate my life.”

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