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The essence of yahritsa is “forgetting” to apologize;  The audience shouts “chicken!”

The essence of yahritsa is “forgetting” to apologize; The audience shouts “chicken!”

an offer Yahritsa and its essenceFor obvious reasons, I became one of those Fans They were even sicker to bear witness. On the one hand, those who are truly dedicated to their music; And on the other hand, those who seek to tell it all after being “canceled” for their statements about Mexican food.

However, things did not go well, because despite the controversy, Yahritza y Su Esencia performed their concert on the second night of the festival. Ari Festival Which is done in Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome With great success, people sing their songs.

Not everything is going smoothly

And although the night was well rounded and filled with a lot of fun things for the group, of course Critics And the voice of the people was heard.

While the singer thanked her for her presence, the audience chanted, “A chickFor the artists “I’m the Only One,” “Let It Go,” “In Love,” and “Two Strangers.”

Why are yahritsa and its essence criticized?

The group during its visit to Mexicowas questioned about Mexican food, however, two of its members made unfortunate comments that Mexican culture took poorly, and since then, the criticism directed at them has not stopped.

“Yes, I like it, but I don’t like it when I wake up and I’m asleep because I can hear the cars. totoPolice sirens “Everything, but I love him, he’s cute,” said Jahritza, the US-born singer.

“I’ve been here longer, but I don’t really like the food here, I like where we live better, in Washington “The net gives it a hot spice and it tastes good,” answered Armando, the eldest of the three brothers.

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from here, Jahritza, Giro and Armando They passed that first test in Mexico City, promising that their careers could still rebound.