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Lewis Hamilton felt Shakira using it

Lewis Hamilton felt Shakira using it

while Lewis Hamilton He seems to be back in his best form and at his level Formula 1 with MercedesAnd Shakira She continues to succeed in music, but is also a center love notesbecause he seems determined to find a yes or yes partner.

Under this perception, Louis and the ColombianWhich was at the beginning of May emotionally relatedfor the time being, they seem to be far away, above all, because according to what has been leaked, the English He felt used by the singer.

Rumors romantic between the pilot and artist They go back to the time they were seen together in Miami Grand Prix; He was the coffee planter deluxe guest For the German team that witnessed the race in the ring.

Later they are seen We have dinner togetherbut also South American I became single Regular attendance at Grand Prix affiliate Maximum classAnd from here Rumors They were increasing.

Everything seems to be going well. However, what happened in Silverstone Grand Prix That could have been the trigger break up.

In recent weeks, Shakira has been seen again in the race that took place EnglandAnd Hamilton He was going to ask his team to be Colombian He’s going out of his mobile home On staying focused on racing, as reported on the Spanish podcast Las Mamarazzis.

Why was Hamilton angry?

they say that Ex Gerard Pique She was the one who showed interest in Briton from the start, but the situation wasn’t mutual: “He’s upset that she He wants to believe that there is a relationship between the two“.

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he British Grand Prix It was the first time in months that Hamilton and Shakira had been together They are not shown together; Then they were both related to other numbers: Eiza Gonzalez And Jimmy Butlerrespectively.