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Zalensky confirmed that Ukraine and the United States are working on a long-term bilateral security agreement

Zalensky confirmed that Ukraine and the United States are working on a long-term bilateral security agreement

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, This Sunday he said so Kyiv And Washington They are working to reach a bilateral security agreement, with much effort focused on ensuring an agreement is reached Long term support.

He added: “We are working on a bilateral security agreement, and we are already working on a specific text. Our goal is for this agreement to be the strongest ever. We discuss the specific foundations of security and cooperationThe President made the announcement during his daily evening message.

He pointed out that they are setting specific support levels for this year and the next ten years, including Military, financial, political and joint assistance for weapons production.

He said: “The agreement must be truly ideal and reflect the strength of American leadership.”

Zalensky announced that Ukraine and the United States are working on a long-term bilateral security agreement (AP/FILE)

this week, United State, Zelensky's main ally announced a $6 billion aid package for… Strengthen your defense In a frame Russian invasion By order of the President of the Republic Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin, On February 24, 2022.

This announcement came a few days after the US Congress launched a multi-million dollar package of foreign aid worth 90 billion euros. Ukraine will receive $57 billion Israel It will be made for another 24,000 million and taiwan, With 7.5 billion, ending months of tense negotiations among Republicans.

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr SirskyHe admitted it on Sunday The situation on the front “worsened“, as the Russian forces enjoy military and weapons superiority in several regions, and are achieving tactical progress, especially in the eastern region of Donetsk.

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“The situation on the front has deteriorated. In its attempt to seize the strategic initiative and break through the front line, the enemy has concentrated its main efforts on several areas, creating a significant superiority in forces and means.”

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Sersky (Reuters)

Sersky stressed that Russia is “actively attacking along the entire front, achieving tactical success in some areas.”

The commander of the Ukrainian army noted this The situation is dynamic In some places, hands are changed several times during the day.

Unconfirmed reports are also spreading that Russian forces have taken control of the town ocretinnorth of the city DonetskAnd the Military Analytics Channel deep country to Ukraine He confirmed on Sunday that they were also occupied Berdycia little south.

To save lives, Ukrainian units withdrew “to new lines in the west of the country.” Berdyci, Semenivka and NovomikhalevkaSersky noted in this regard.

The team identified in a detailed report that Ivanevsky and Chasev Yar are west of the occupied city of Ivanevsky Bakhmut“They are still the hottest spots” in the Kramatorsk sector and that the Russians are trying to regain control of Klyshchevka to the south and reach the Donets or Seversk Rivers.

(Information from Europe Press)