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A survey has revealed Edmundo Gonzalez's overwhelming advantage over Nicolás Maduro in the presidential elections

A survey has revealed Edmundo Gonzalez's overwhelming advantage over Nicolás Maduro in the presidential elections

Venezuelan presidential candidate Edmundo González Urrutia, of the Progressive Democratic Union Party, gives an interview at his home in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. The Democratic Unionist Program (PUD) is a coalition of 10 opposition parties that will participate in the presidential elections. Elections scheduled for July 28. (AP Photo/Ivan Reyes)

Venezuelan pollster Meganalisis published the results of a poll highlighting A An overwhelming advantage for Edmundo González Urrutia over Nicolas Maduro in a confrontation July 28 elections in Venezuela. Moreover, the study released on Monday showed this Maria Corina Machado She is considered the most credible and reliable politician in the South American country

In response to the question: Which of these candidates will you vote for in the 2024 elections? 32.4% said they would do so for González Urrutia, of the Democratic Unionist Party (PUD), the main opposition candidate for Venezuela's presidential election. While only 11.2% indicated that they would vote for Maduro. In addition, 33.1% said they did not know who to vote for, and 19.3% indicated they would not vote for anyone.

According to the poll, 53.2% said they did not know the Democratic Union Party candidate. This is good news in part, because it indicates that he has plenty of room to grow further in the polls.

The same question was asked about which of these candidates she would vote for in the 2024 elections, but with María Corina Machado pitted against Maduro. this time, The results for the opposition leader were overwhelming: 75.4% would vote for her, while only 8.6% would support the Chavista dictator..

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Moreover, Machado, with 75.9%, is the politician that people believe and trust the most in Venezuela, while only 6.1% trust and believe in Nicolas Maduro.

Machado's support for González Urrutia is the main reason, at 76.2%, why people will vote for him, while 19.5% will do so because he is the unity candidate.

Finally, 91.8 of those polled believe that Machado should continue mobilizing until the end of Venezuela's presidential election campaign.

The opposition leader is touring the country to encourage anti-Chavismos to vote in elections for change

last friday, Machado Achieve a Huge call in TurinIn the state of Portugal, where he arrived as part of a two-day tour he led in Venezuela. The former MP, who was also in Ospino and Perito, collapsed in the city streets – An old Chavista stronghold where the ruling party used to win 70% of the vote – With hundreds of followers who came to show their support – even knowing that he was officially out of the presidential race – and their desire for change in the country.

Videos broadcast on social media showed the political leader giving her traditional speeches, later accompanied by neighbors who chanted her slogans with conviction. “Let's go to the end”, “Let's move on” And “We trust you” These are some of the slogans they said. The opposition leader was also received with great enthusiasm in the villages of Las Matas and Chorro Gonzalero, where people were waiting for her with flags and posters.

For his part, last week, Gonzalez Urrutia published a video clip, his first since his election as a candidate, in which he showed We are committed to fighting thousands of opponents at home and abroadwho expect to return Democratic system After years of tyranny.

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“We face the challenge of betting on Venezuela’s recovery. No one can be indifferent to the situation of millions of our citizens, poverty that is expanding as inflation continues and the currency loses its real value, health and education services in decline that exacerbates inequality, deteriorating water and electricity services that harm daily life and prevent economic growth, and families separated. Mass migration even at the risk of its own existence.” “We are committed to a Venezuela for allWhere no one feels the fear of being persecuted for their ideas,” he highlighted “We are committed to implementing a transition In which the freedom of political prisoners and the return of exiles is guaranteed (…) and public authorities are adjusted so that their independence prevails.