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If Maduro loses, “Pietro and Lula must make him understand that he can continue his political career.”

If Maduro loses, “Pietro and Lula must make him understand that he can continue his political career.”


With 90 days remaining before Venezuela's presidential elections, there are still many doubts about how the process will develop. Most opinion polls give the winner to any opponent of Nicolas Maduro, who opposes the scenario in which he ends up losing.

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The economic, political and social crisis, which was deep until at least two years ago, was weakening the popularity that Maduro inherited when he succeeded Hugo Chavez in 2013. Today, according to the latest study by Meganalysis, in the elections, the vote share for the incumbent president does not exceed 13 percent. .

Now that the opposition has gone with a unionist candidate, who, although not María Corina Machado, is bringing together the main forces, “we need Petro and his government to embrace, support and legitimize the unity candidate (…) to tell Maduro,” said Ramon Muchacho, a political analyst. A former Venezuelan mayor in exile told EL TIEMPO: “There will be political life after that, and you will have all the guarantees.”

For Muchacho, the political situation in the country is better than it was a few months ago, thanks to the support of the international community, whose pressure allowed the primaries to take place. Maria Corina Machado told this newspaper that although Maria Corina Machado will not go to the elections, the presence of one candidate is an achievement, although if there was democracy in Venezuela we would not be discussing these issues.

“We are in a very difficult phase, but much better than we imagined a year ago,” highlights the analyst, insisting that Gustavo Pietro and Lula da Silva must be involved in stabilizing the region, which could be threatened by a new wave of migration if they remain. Maduro is in power. Not to mention that the country is losing the opportunity to supply the world with oil under competitive conditions.

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