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Celebrity House: Sergio Meyer’s wife Isabella Camil attends a lawsuit against a former participant

Celebrity House: Sergio Meyer’s wife Isabella Camil attends a lawsuit against a former participant

The House of Celebrities has become one of the most watched shows of the moment, and Sergio Mayer One of her main characters, which is why she always gives people something to talk about, and after all that’s happened, His wife, Isabella Camille, announced that she had decided to take action against a former participant.

Here we tell you what is known about the potential lawsuit and all the details shared by the actress who has been supporting her husband since the reality show began.

Isabella Camille’s reasons for taking legal action

In an interview with various media, Jaime Camil’s sister revealed that her lawyers have already started legal action against a former participant in this broadcastalthough he did not want to reveal the name.

“I won’t say much because it’s a legal issue, but it’s up to me as Sergio’s wife to touch on these issues that come from the game… “One of the people who came out,” said Isabella, “and I’m not going to say his name because I don’t even want to give her a little bit of importance.”

The artist provided other additional details about the identity of the previous participant, Confirming that the image of her husband was affected by everything he said.

“He began to say that Sergio hired companies, that he was a fraud and that, thanks to millions, he was saved, And that seems very sensitive to me because this is defamation already.”

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Who is suing Sergio Meyer’s wife?

As noted by fans of the show, Everything seems to point the actress could be referring to Sofia Rivera Torres, Well, since he left the show, he’s talked about the former Garibaldi member, and he’s also talked about the alleged shoes he was going to hire, to get votes.

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