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What Farfan’s friend said about Samahara Lobatone and Yona |  eye width

What Farfan’s friend said about Samahara Lobatone and Yona | eye width

Brian Torresa close friend of Jefferson Farfan, has spoken of his relationship with Samara Lubaton, who spent the night at his house on July 13th. The young man launched himself as a salsa singer and, by coincidence, yesterday attended the same circus in which the influencer went with his daughter.

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Farfan didn’t want to “suck” making Melissa Klug’s daughter official and insists they are just friends. “She’s my friend, we’ll get to know each other, we’re all good, calm down, go out, nothing more (…) I’ve known her for a long time, I don’t know her now, you know things flow and that’s it,” to reporters.

El Bryan also swears that his approach to Samahara Lobatón isn’t “strategic” to promote his salsa band, which is owned by Jefferson’s cousin Farfan.

The young man was surprised when he was told that when he became Melissa Klug’s “son-in-law” he would enter the media arena.

“There is no strategy, we have been working for 3 months (…) [¿yerno de Melissa Klug?] I’ve been making music for years, and this isn’t new to me. They always tried to involve me through third parties, but I was always involved in the musical environment, I always lived from this.

Brian Torres’ letter to Samara’s ex-partner Yona

Brian Torres started dating Samahara Lobatón a few days after ending her relationship with Jonathan Horna ‘Youna’, the father of her only daughter.

Not considered “divided”: “I didn’t break anyone, yeah sure, I didn’t break anyone, she’s a beautiful girl, she seems like a wonderful woman to me, a great mother, and she’s single and I’m single.”

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