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Scary “spiders” found on Mars

Scary “spiders” found on Mars


There may be no insects on Mars, but new images from an orbiting spacecraft have revealed large numbers of spiders that appear to be roaming across the dusty surface.

by: Science Alert

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Of course, they are not real, living spiders; Rather, they are dark, fluffy features of the Martian surface created entirely by non-biological processes. They are called “spiders” because that is what they look like, with a central dark spot surrounded by thin lines radiating outward.

They are formed as a result of seasonal changes on the Red Planet, and extreme cold followed by high temperatures in the spring.

Although Mars has seasons, thanks to an Earth-like axial tilt, those seasons are very different from what we experience on our home planet. Winter temperatures drop below -123°C (-190°F) and almost everything freezes.

This includes carbon dioxide, which forms surface deposits of a substance known as dry ice here on Earth. As the cold winter gives way to spring, temperatures warm; But while natural ice will melt in a warm atmosphere, dry ice does not. Instead, it escalates directly into gas.

You can read the full memo at Science Alert

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