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In a bikini and a pareo, Georgina Rodriguez falls in love with Cristiano Ronaldo during their luxurious family vacation

In a bikini and a pareo, Georgina Rodriguez falls in love with Cristiano Ronaldo during their luxurious family vacation

the summer vacation They’re already here and a long list of celebs has said they’re ready to enjoy it like they’re meant to: with a trip to the beach, but among the celebs who really show off their best moments of laid-back fun are the family. Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, who have been away from Saudi Arabia for several days, where they have lived for several months, after appearing for the first time in Al-Nasr Club F.C.

Although at no time have they shied away from luxury and an extravagant life, this weekend they caused a stir on social networks by showing up close how much they enjoy their well-deserved and luxury summer beach vacation, Where private jet flights, majestic yachts existed, and the most expensive and exclusive clothing. And according to what they let us see, they are located in the city of Faro in Portugal It has a tropical climate and the best family fun.

Cristiano Ronaldo with two of his children. (photo: IGgeorginagio)

Georgina Rodriguez dazzles on vacation with CR7

Through his official Instagram account, Georgina Rodriguez She shared a more intimate and private look at her exclusive trip, but if there’s one thing that should be highlighted, it’s that she looked like never before with her best beach outfit modeling her shapely figure in a light green bikini and a cardigan, a combination that, in addition to being chic, is perfect for continuing her image of the modern and trendy mom.

On this occasion, she opted for a green bikini that stands out in the shiny top and with which she automatically achieves a bright, youthful and modern look; As if that weren’t enough, it has stayed true to the classic style with a triangle design that allows for a very elegant “V” neckline. While at the bottom, some low-rise panties helped her show a flat stomach and a stomach of steel.

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In the iconic seaside photo shoot, the “I’m Georgina” star explains that to complete the ideal glamorous image of a modern mom, it is essential to add a pink gown to join the Barbie trend, but with a captivating touch thanks to transparencies. In this way, the model and businesswoman He won the heart of Cristiano Ronaldo again, With whom there have been rumors for months that love is over and they are only together out of interest.

Georgina Rodriguez showed off all her kids enjoying the summer. (photo: IGgeorginagio)

In pictures: This is how family vacations used to be

As we expected, the family spends their vacation in Portugal, the country from which the famous football player is from, and among the details revealed by getaway to the beach, Maybe it’s private, according to what she famously revealed on her reality show, and that’s how they can stay out of the public eye and enjoy their days off.

In the place they also went to sea by walking on the shore of the beach; While flaunting their privileges, they also sailed on a yacht where they enjoyed the view and the company of each family member with smiles, hugs and an unforgettable evening.

Georgina Rodriguez holds her youngest daughter. (photo: IGgeorginagio)
So they enjoyed a yacht trip. (photo: IGgeorginagio)