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Trailer for The Marvels movie reveals the end of Secret Invasion |  video

Trailer for The Marvels movie reveals the end of Secret Invasion | video

The new movie of marvel studios With only a few months left until his release, the promotion is in full swing. Although the first trailer that came out 3 months ago did not cause much positive feedback, with the second trailer and the closeness of the series Disney Plus“Secret Invasion”, many began to speculate about the future of studying in the cinema.

The movie will feature actors such as: Samuel Jackson (Nick Fury); Brie Larson (Carol Danvers); Iman Vellani (Kamala Khan); Zawy Ashton (Dar Penn); and Teona Paris (Monica Rambeau).

The Marvels reveal the end of the Secret Invasion

series Secret invasion Starring Samuel L. Jackson, it was greeted by audiences with positive reviews, however, it is now one chapter away from finishing its story. Apparently, although we do not know how everything will be resolved, it is believed that the end of this series will be connected to the beginning of this tape.

in a trailer for Marvels Nick Fury is seen at the SWORD base, in space. There, talk to Captain Monica Rambeau, who we saw earlier in WandaVision getting her abilities. Let’s remember that in that series, the Skrull told him he had to go back to space, so some fans already assumed that the end of Secret Invasion and WandaVision would be connected to solve everything in The Marvels.

Spoilers for Secret Invasion

It seems back Captain That could mean a cameo appearance in the Secret Invasion series where, after returning to the space base, he goes to the call he made Nick Fury In the final episode of the series.

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Let’s remember that after visiting his grave, Nick Fury made a call to a mysterious figure. Although many point out that he was alone Graphicthe villain of the series, is believed by some to have eventually become involved with a superhero.