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Camila Cabello took a bag of ice to the MET Gala 2024 and it melted on the way (photos)

Camila Cabello took a bag of ice to the MET Gala 2024 and it melted on the way (photos)

Why did Camila Cabello bring a block of ice to the MET Gala? (Reuters/Andrew Kelly)

In a combination of style, innovation and bold statements, the Met Gala 2024 It has once again established itself as a center for art and fashion. Among the appearances that caught the eyes and defined the night, one of… Camila Cabellowho not only dazzled with her outfit, but also presented one of the most unusual and talked-about accessories at the event: A block of ice.

by infobae.com

The 27-year-old singer, known for hit songs like “I LUV IT,” made her entrance to the bash. Metropolitan Museum of Art in New YorkShe carries a block of ice with a black rose in the middle, instead of the traditional handbag. This element, far from being an arbitrary choice, represents a bold and innovative tribute to this year’s theme, Garden of time.

“I feel like the theme was, you know, about the march, and things that change,” he explained. diverse The artist when asked about the eye-catching accessory. “But also my album Miami, We’re Dripping, We’re Wet, We’re Freezing, But We’re Melting. You know, it’s all a little bit,” he added.

Likewise, the musical artist commented a little more on the strange accessory, claiming that it was, in fact, turning into water little by little. “He had about an hour left because things were starting to fall apart. There was a chain link and it was a suitcase,” the composer explained.

To complement her attractive choice of accessories, Cabello chose a silver dress filled with glitter, featuring a sexy high front slit. The artist, who gathered her hair into an elegant ponytail, achieved an image that combines innovation and elegance, with a touch of mystery revolving around her distinctive “bag”.

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Camila Cabello entered the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, carrying a block of ice with a black rose encased in its center (Reuters/Andrew Kelly)

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