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Do you think Katy Perry was at the Met Gala?  The artificial intelligence even tricked the singer’s mother

Do you think Katy Perry was at the Met Gala? The artificial intelligence even tricked the singer’s mother

Viral photos showed Perry in an embellished dress at the Met Gala, although she did not actually attend the event. (Composition: Reuters)

Amid the flood of photos and live updates about the 2024 Met Gala, photos of Katy Perry wearing a stunning pink dress on the carpet of the famous fashion event have gone viral. If you also think that the artist attended the celebration, you are not the only one who deceived you artificial intelligence. Even the artist’s mother could not distinguish that these pictures were an exact montage attributed to the artist Amnesty International.

The story was shared by a translator “fireworks” Through his Instagram account, he highlighted in a humorous way what happened during his absence from the event. Katy Perry showed the photos in question, the first of which showed her in an elaborate fluffy dress decorated with flowers and butterflies. In the second shot, which is closer, Perry is wearing a metallic bra with a large key in the middle, complemented by a short skirt of flowers and leaves.

A pair of photos of Katy Perry created using artificial intelligence made millions of people believe the singer was present at the MET Gala 2024.

The range of photos on the networks was very wide, with more than 300,000 likes and nearly 70,000 shares. “I didn’t go to the MET, I had to work“, the artist explained in the description of her post.

Confusion about the realism of the images has reached such a point that even… Mary HudsonKatie’s mother was convinced her daughter had experienced the event. Through exchanged text messages shared by the singer, Hudson expressed her surprise and admiration for her daughter’s “dress,” saying: “I didn’t know you went to the MET. What a beautiful dress, you look like a Rose Parade.You are your own buoy haha.

Rihanna was also the victim of a photo montage of her “alleged presence” at the 2024 Met Gala. (Credit:

Perry’s quick response was insightful and with a touch of humor. “Ha ha ha ha. Mom, the AI ​​fooled you too. to caution!”

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In previous editions, Katy Perry was one of the figures who took a fashion risk at the Met Gala. Some of her most remembered appearances are Like a chandelier And the Like a hamburger Which he used in 2019; And also impressive Angel wings Which I chose for 2018.

Katy Perry’s mother was fooled by the realistic representation of the artificial intelligence, and thought her daughter had attended the event. (Capture: Instagram/katyperry)

But it seems that Katy Perry’s priorities this time are closer to her imminent musical comeback. On the Sunday before the event, the artist attended the red carpet American Idol He expected that he would not be present in New York. “This is my Met Gala. This is my garden party,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

Perry, who announced he will be leaving the show’s judging panel after seven seasons, is considering focusing again on the next songs in his repertoire. For now, his teammates Lionel Richie And Luke Bryan Kelly Clarkson or Meghan Trainor have been mentioned as possible replacements for the “Teenage Dream” singer.

On the other side, Kate Berry He wasn’t the only star to have his photo actually recreated to tie in with the 2024 Met Gala. Other AI-generated photos showed Rihanna In a mermaid-style dress with branches and flowers. In fact, the singer did not attend the concert because she was sick with the flu, according to the magazine. the people.

“I didn’t go to the MET, I had to work,” Katy Perry explained on social networks. He attached a video where he was seen recording in the music studio. (Capture: Instagram/katyperry)

The incident, which some social media users may have viewed as an element of fun, was also viewed by others as a harbinger of concern about… Deep fakes. Recently, more than 200 artists, including Perry, signed an open letter to technology platforms and digital music services calling for a halt to the irresponsible use of artificial intelligence to prevent human rights and creativity abuses.

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