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Frida Sofia to Alejandra Guzmán: “I hope I have done nothing wrong, here in the United States Guzmán does not take away the criminal”

Alejandra Guzman excommunicates Frida Sofia and sells her apartment, according to some audio recordings.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

Fat and thin I searched and found Frida Sophia. Her journalist Alex Rodriguez approached her on the streets of Miami, only to find out if she was aware that Alejandra Guzmán had apparently sold an apartment she allegedly co-owned. The young woman says that she knows nothing about this, and everything after that indicates that she was not notified of the sale. This means that she thus did not receive any payment for settling the same thing, which is essentially the thing that belonged to her, since both are supposed to have been owners of the property.

Hope I haven’t done anything wrong, here in the US Guzmán doesn’t take away the criminal‘,” Frida Sofia told the cameras of El Gordo y la Flaca.

After these words, it may be self-evident that Frida is ready to take legal action against La Guzmán, who once again made headlines after some audio recordings were leaked to the press, where she was heard saying that her daughter Frida Sophia had been excluded from his will. And the rocker seems ready to leave her entire legacy to her nephew, Apollo.

In the audio, you hear him say, “I don’t need to see her or anything because she’s taking charge of her life.” If you want to know more, click here.

In the face of such news, Frida Sofia did not speak out loud, but left a strong and powerful message on her social networks, which seemed to be her complete response to what is currently happening with Alejandra Guzman and her inheritance.

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