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He went to Chicago and saw something that almost no one had revealed when he arrived

He went to Chicago and saw something that almost no one had revealed when he arrived

Jessica Krishnan is really enjoying her life in Chicago. Photo: Facebook Jessica Kirshner

A 26-year-old woman living in Chicago, Illinois, USA, described how her life had been in recent months, and while she was generally happy with the change, she revealed that there were some details she was left with. .

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Jessica Krishner is a female interior designer who, looking for a change in life, decided to leave Portland and move to Chicago in August 2023, she announced in an interview with Business Insider.

According to the publication, the woman of Jewish descent is from the Bay Area, however, in 2015 she moved to Eugene, Oregon to study interior architecture. After graduating, he changed his residence again, now to Portland, where he started working for a large company in 2020.

After three years, she decided that she wanted to live in a big, but affordable city, so she packed her bags and moved to Chicago, where the rent was high, but the pay was better, so it was even more affordable for her. He told the aforementioned media.

Chicago’s “detail” overshadows its brilliance

Overall, Jessica Krishnan says she’s adjusted to her new life pretty well, but she also revealed that she feels like there are rats in Chicago. Although he made it clear that it was the worst thing that had ever happened to him, which he had only seen on one occasion, he pointed out that it had never happened to him in Portland: “You don’t see them there.” This fact left her speechless and a little disappointed.

Another aspect that highlighted his dislike of Chicago was that, in his words, the city had practically no cycling culture. Although there are bikes for rent, there are no bike lanes, and she finds biking almost dangerous, which is quite a shock to her, coming from Portland.

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Despite these features, Jessica assures that although she did not know anyone in Chicago, she managed to make a good circle of friends in a short time and easily adapted to the pace of life in the Windy City.

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