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They recovered the body of the last worker missing from the Baltimore Bridge collapse

They recovered the body of the last worker missing from the Baltimore Bridge collapse

6 people were killed in the debris of the building. The body of 37-year-old Jose Minor Lopez was recovered Tuesday (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

The body of the last builder No dead in the bridge collapse Francis Scott Key Recovered from Baltimore in March, officials announced Tuesday that demolition crews are prepared to use explosives in the ongoing cleanup effort.

Daly’s crew will remain aboard the stranded container ship while crews conduct controlled demolitions to remove the largest remaining portion of the fallen bridge, officials said.

The steel span landed on the ship’s bow on March 26 after the dolly lost power and crashed into one of the bridge’s support columns. The Port of Baltimore was closed to most shipping because of the shipwreck.

6 people were killed in the debris of the building. Body Jose Minor Lopez, 37, was rescued Tuesday, officials said in a statement that night. All of the victims were Latino immigrants who worked night shifts to fill potholes in the bridge. Police officers were able to stop traffic minutes before the collapse They did not have enough time to warn the workers.

Lopez moved to the United States from Guatemala. At a vigil last month, the families of the victims, who are still waiting for closure, mourned, raising the Guatemalan flag in their honor.

Rescue workers found his body and alerted state authorities, officials said.

“It is with heavy hearts that today marks a major milestone in our recovery efforts and provides closure to the loved ones of the six workers who lost their lives in this tragic event,” said Maryland State Police Superintendent Col. Roland Butler JrThis is a statement.

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A controlled demolition, expected to take place in the coming days, will allow the Dolly to be brought back to Baltimore Harbor again, officials said. Once the vessel is removed, sea traffic will return to normalIt will provide relief to thousands of longshoremen, truckers and small business owners who have seen their jobs affected by the closure.

Jose Minor Lopez is from Guatemala. He was one of six workers who did not have time to alert the police (REUTERS/Julia Nikhinson/File Photo)

Officials previously said they hoped to remove the dolly by May 10 and reopen the port’s 50-foot (15.2-meter) main channel by the end of May.

Bosun said Dali’s 21-man crew would shelter on board when the explosives were detonated. Ronald Hodges of the Coast Guard.

Engineers have been working for weeks to determine the best way to remove the last large section of the fallen bridge. The explosives will cause him to fall into the water. A large hydraulic device lifts the resulting steel sections into barges.

Video footage released by Coast Guard officials last week showed entire sections of the roadway at the dock.

Hodge said Personnel safety was a major concern Officials considered whether they should remain on board during the demolition. Engineers use precision cuts to control how the beams break, he said.

“The last thing anyone wants is for something to happen to team members,” Hodges said.

They were not allowed to leave Dali after the disaster. Officials said they were busy maintaining the vessel and assisting investigators. 20 of the crew members are from India and one is from Sri Lanka.

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A spokesperson for the group did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment Tuesday afternoon.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FBI Investigation into the bridge collapse.

Danish shipping giant Maersk He chartered a daly for a planned voyage from Baltimore to Sri Lanka, but the ship did not make it very far. Its crew sent an emergency call saying it had lost power and was out of control of the steering system. Moments later, the ship crashed into the bridge.

Officials have said the safety board’s investigation will focus on the ship’s electrical system, including whether the ship suffered an electrical problem before it left Baltimore.

Maryland leaders announced last week that they plan to rebuild the bridge by the fall of 2028.

(With information from AP)