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Jardine defends Lechowski over criticism: ‘Off days are off days’

Jardine defends Lechowski over criticism: ‘Off days are off days’

After all the controversy that arose around his departure Igor Lichnovsky in his free time, Andre Jardin He defended himself and stated that the player can do whatever he wants in his free time.

“Happy for him, free days are free, to unload physical loads, always measure physical loads, think about real rest, each one in his own way, Igor always shows commitment in training and matches, he injured his knee and played what he was doing.” He played, I thank him because he played two great tournaments, he was an important player for us.

garden He admitted that since his stay in America He’s used to all the controversy that arises around players and their hobbies.

“Inside the locker room, today everyone’s work was recognised. They are professional, high-level players, a healthy group, with a controlled ego. Those who play know their responsibility, and those who don’t know their responsibility, who must have a very high standard. From here, we can We are always going to have a problem of any kind, given the greatness of this club.

“We have spent weeks hearing harsh things about us, many of which have no merit, from what I spoke to him, one tournament adjustment and another, with little time to spare, the national team players, this team, this crew will look for their team, restless, I think. It would be very good this week if the work of this group was recognized, to be in last “It’s a goal.”

A new final for Jardine and America

next week America The new Mexican football final will be played in Aztec Stadium I’m looking for two championships and to be in the same list as Pumas, Atlas and Lyon, who know what it’s like to be Twice champion In short tournaments.

“Another final. It’s important to be at this club. I don’t think we can win all the titles we’re playing for, but the important thing is to fight for them. It’s been 10-11 years already.” America “I did not participate in consecutive finals. Things appear that are not true. In the matches you can see the team’s level and commitment.”

“Although we don’t always play the way we want, because players They are not robots, on the other side there is also a competitor who can neutralize you, and this is what happened in the first match. Today I will talk about the good things, they are always controlled, always moving forward. 0-0 was good for us, but we were always closer to the goal, We have to enjoy, and give ourselves the right to celebrate, and on Monday we will think about the final.”

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