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The machinations of the Venezuelan prosecutor show that Nicolás Maduro has allowed PDVSA to be looted and surrounded himself with corrupt people.

The machinations of the Venezuelan prosecutor show that Nicolás Maduro has allowed PDVSA to be looted and surrounded himself with corrupt people.

Sebastiana Barez responds to Tarek Saab

Based on the accusations of the Attorney General of the Republic, he accused me of planning an assassination and being on the payroll of a now former minister. Tareck El Aissami To intrigue, here is my answer:

No, it’s not you Tarek SappWho, eager for applause, unrolls this red cloth”PDVSA co-pays”. This is due to incompetence, lack of leadership, promotion and honesty Nicolás Maduro Moros. Wasn’t it the great Simon Bolivar who said, “To call yourself a boss in order not to be one is the height of misery”?

It’s strange that Saab doesn’t show that wage with its deposit because there is a wage, but not where we appear. Norby Marin One I am. Come on Tarek, call Marbilis to testifyI can tell you who I negotiated with Tareck El Aissami. Also, how the PDVSA (Petróleos de Venezuela) checkbook paid the little people Mario Silva And some others from the regime’s propaganda media, certainly not in the country, to maintain vices and depravity.

A deputy minister friend said to me awkwardly last night:Because of his lack of control, the lawyer drags down the entire government not just by what he says, but by what he does.‘. That left me with a lot of questions. And the only answer is that you sir are responsible for the country’s gravest crisis. Nicolás Maduro. While he offered no explanation for the most serious accusations that he used front men for Concor, attorney Tarek Sapp, who appeared with unbalanced, baseless allegations, proves this. And who knows if he bought a fancy shopping center in Lebanon.

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Chop halabi Nicolás Maduro, in front of your eyes, you are proving that you are so incompetent that you looted the treasury of the Republic. Millions and millions of dollars. Not in isolated cases, but until recently you were also associated with the entire top hierarchy of the Bolivarian revolution.

Sebastiana Perez

Also, the lawyer sends a very clear message Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) Because you are not the commander-in-chief of anything, you are not the leader of anything, and in recent months, seven assassination attempts have been made in and against you and Cilia’s face. Followers till yesterday Tareck El AissamiMinisters, senior officers and soldiers migrated to the general administration with full retinues.

He tried to make him a scapegoat, to see if anyone in the world felt sorry for him, and to sympathize with the many assassination attempts. Thus Saab and the dreaded DGCIM (Directorate of General Military Counter Intelligence) officers made up the story. Operation White BraceletThey weave it with threads of money, and they call themselves “Doctor.” Freddie Bernal As part of the objectives. They added a head of population control, Rocio San MiguelAnd can’t miss Sebastiana Perez, I am a journalist covering military and border sources for 30 years. nobody is here. No one believes them, so they discover that the evil El Aissami is also in on the plot.

The only thing that Tareck William Saab has proven is that during your regime, Nicolás Maduro, you could not and will not stop the looting of the nation’s money. He could not control the traitors, nor could he control the others. Or why you think so God given hair Shows his teeth surrounded by all the high powers of SEBIN (Bolivarian Intelligence Service) managed by General Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez He opens his jaw to the minister you sacked a few days ago, a once powerful general. Nestor Luis Reverol TorresEl Aissami’s most important military figure?

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Finally, I have nothing to explain about what two minors said, and I don’t know which is more scandalous: Samark Lopez and Derek William Sapp. There is ample evidence against their misdeeds. Against me, no one.