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Dos personas mueren atropelladas por un vagón de metro en Nueva York

Two killed in New York subway crash

Two people were killed Friday when a car collided head-on with a moving subway in New York City, New York police said.

Two people, a man and a woman, apparently two homeless people, were on the railroad tracks for no apparent reason and were attacked by a convoy in the early hours of the morning on Line 1, in the heights of the Washington Heights neighborhood.

It is not known the details of the victims and whether they are related to each other.

Although walking on railroad tracks is strictly prohibited, the MTA (the body that manages the subway) recorded 1,267 intrusions last year, with two hundred injured and 68 killed in car attacks, the New York Times reported.

Some people who get off the tracks do so in order to pick up an object they have dropped, but the majority are homeless (many mentally ill) who practically live in the underworld of the subway, sleeping in the train stations and spending their time there. A day of begging for cars or sleeping on running trains.

But there are other profiles, such as the deaths of two young French men who were drawing some “graffiti” at a well-known center in the urban art world around Brooklyn.

According to MTA figures, the New York subway, one of the densest in the world, is used by two million people a day from Monday to Friday (half the weekend), translating to 649 million a year.

Criticized for its insecurity, the MTA is exploring the possibility of installing glass partitions at least in busy stations (located in the city center) to avoid track invasion or the occasional recorded bustle.

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