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Hallan el cuerpo de anciana de 93 años en el congelador de su casa en Florida

The body of a 93-year-old woman has been found in the freezer of her home in Florida.

The body of a 93-year-old woman was found in a chest of drawers in the garage of her home in Sebastian City, east coast of Florida (USA), local police said Friday.

An anxious neighbor called police after not seeing Mary Hosking leave the house or enter her home for long days.

Several law enforcement officers came to the woman’s home and tried several times to talk to someone, but no one answered them.

According to a Sebastian police report, officers obtained the house key from a relative of the elderly woman and went inside for fear that something might happen.

Inside the house, agents met with one of Hoskins’ daughters, who told them that she had not seen her mother for some time, which aroused their suspicion and they decided to inspect the house.

During the search, agents opened the breast freezer located in the home’s garage and found the grandmother’s body.

The victim’s daughter was taken to the police station for questioning by body detectives. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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