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Fortaleza crushes Boca Juniors in the Copa Sudamericana with the previous Pikachu and Liga MX double (video) – Fox Sports

Fortaleza crushes Boca Juniors in the Copa Sudamericana with the previous Pikachu and Liga MX double (video) – Fox Sports

power This fell on Thursday Boca Juniors4-2 with two goals by the Argentine Juan Martin Lucero And three assists from his compatriot Thomas Pochettino The Brazilian team, with its complete victories, placed it at the top of Group D South American Cup.

Zeniz plate melted like a sugar cube in Castelao SquareWhere he only lasted in the first half and ended up sleeping in the second half, suffering an inappropriate defeat for the six-time league champion. Editors.

bright Star I opened the box for black and Miguel Merentel Everything remained as it was, but Fortaleza unleashed itself after the break with two goals bright Staragain, and two more of Yago Pikachu. Special mention also to Pochettino who provided three assists.

mouth He made up for the score in the last half of the match Kevin Zenon.

formation Buenos Aires This defeat was complicated, as they remained in second place with four points, five points behind the second-place team power.

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Sportivo Trinidence tightens the range

And in the other match of the group Sportivo Trinidence Paraguay added its first three points after defeating its host 2-0 Potosi National Bolivian, last with one.

In the South American Only the first place qualifies directly to the round of 16, and the second has to play in order to qualify in a previous elimination match against one of the third parties in the group stage of the tournament. Libertadores Cup.

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Tonight's match could not have started better for the Argentine-led team Juan Pablo Voevoda.

This is how Fortaleza beat Boca Juniors

The fifth minute did not pass when defending mouth I hesitated, Vigal He made a mess and gave the ball away Pochettinowho quickly put a pass into space for bright Star.

Former Argentine Tijuana Zulos In the Mexican Leagueentered the area and identified it before leaving Sergio Romero.

The party seemed to be collapsing after the 15th minute, when Zenize's side regrouped and began to grow despite the advancing line of pressure from the locals.

He had to squirm a little to find the tie. Play between Langoni And Saralegicenter and shot for the first time Merientean old acquaintance of Brazilian football after his time in Brazil Palmeiras.

With all things being equal, power Choose flash from Yago Pikachuthe standard bearer of the team, capable of playing as a winger, winger, midfielder, or even striker, whatever they offer him.

He was about to put the lions ahead again. Fabra And Langoni They also had a goal of returning very soon mouth.

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Lucero and Pikachu decide to win

power He regained his intensity after the break. Willison costume He first warned with a shot in the distance and then the hurricane broke out.

Lucero scored the second goal from a free kick Pochettino. Everyone thought he was going to pass a cross from a distance, but he gently put the ball at the top of the area and the number 9's header reached it.

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Pochettino The first one also attended PikachuWhich finished Romero almost without a corner.

The second from the side will still be missing, with his chest, if he will, after a defective center of Machuca That passed Rosemarywho wasn't having his best night. Zeno This would make the score 4-2 in the final minutes for the Boca team, which disappointed on Brazilian soil.

From Evie