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Pachuca vs. Necaxa: VAR is conspicuous by its absence on controversial plays

Pachuca vs. Necaxa: VAR is conspicuous by its absence on controversial plays

Felipe Ramos Rizzo considered that Fernando Hernandez did not score a penalty kick against Pachuca and waived the red card.

Felipe Ramos RizzoReferee Analyst espnIt is considered that during the first half of play in between Pachuca And nikaxaThey allowed him a penalty kick in favor of the Tozos, in addition to the expulsion against the Hidalgo people, in actions that were not shown on the screens. Video Assistant Referee.

The first action occurred 25 minutes into the match. Eric Sanchez tried to control the ball inside the penalty area nikaxaBut he received a push from a red and white defender, preventing Chiquito from keeping the ball. but, Fernando Hernandez He did not make a mistake, and did not review the procedure in Video Assistant Referee.

He wrote: “The hand was pushed in front of the referee and no penalty kick was awarded for @Tuzos.” Felipe Ramos Rizzo on their social networks.

analyst espn He again criticized the work Fernando Hernandezwhich, taking into account Felipe Ramos RizzoCarlos Sanchez, a football player from… Pachucawhen he stepped on Diego Gomez, who was left lying on the grass, where he received medical attention.

He wrote again on social networks: “He already missed a penalty kick, and he also missed a penalty kick, directly into the knee of a @ClubNecaxa player.”

The first half ended with these two controversial referees, but it ended without a goal being scored, only after two key interventions from Louis Onsigne, the team’s goalkeeper. nikaxa Who launched himself to save a shot from Oussama El Idrissi and then another from Eric Sanchez.

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Pachuca It was the team that dominated the first half. The Tuzos were the ones who had the longest possession, but they could only create these two clear-cut options on goal. nikaxaIn addition, Nelson Diosa’s long-range shot passed inches from the visitors’ goal.