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The Italian press cannot imagine Atalanta without Luis Fernando Muriel |  Colombians abroad

The Italian press cannot imagine Atalanta without Luis Fernando Muriel | Colombians abroad

Talking about Serie A and Luis Fernando Morel is to say that the Atlantic native loved Serie A. Well, although he spent time in Granada and Seville in Spain, his comfort zone has always been Italy where he performed best with Lecce Udinese, Fiorentina, Sampdoria and now Atalanta. At Bergamo he was always in doubt because he wanted to be a regular starter, and not be taken into account to close matches as was the custom.

However, Gian Piero Gasperini and Atalanta do not want to lose the Colombian in their ranks. Their goals were important, and they need the former Deportivo Cali for what they have shown during pre-season that they have little hope of Bergamo as Atalanta go through a week before Serie A kicks off.

In the last match before the competition, Atalanta faced Valencia in Mestalla and lost 2-1. The Colombians, Duvan Zapata and Luis Fernando Morel were key players, but they did not encounter many accidents in the opponent’s goal. Now they are considering facing Sampdoria as a visitor to start the season in Serie A.

The Italian press has two major concerns and they both run through Atalanta di Bergamo. The first is that they confirm that the club is far from its best moment when two years ago it was shining in the Champions League, and the other is the rumors that put Luis Fernando Morel at Juventus, who used all the alternatives to sign the Atlantic.

After the defeat, Calciomercato.com wrote, “Eight hundred and seventy-nine days after Atalanta met in Mestalla against Valencia, it was only the shadow of the gods of heroes who enchanted the world while Bergamo was battling COVID-19. So there was Ilic with the super-motivation to put in four balls In the net. Today there is no Elek and no goal.”

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In turn, they emphasized that Atalanta would be a completely different team if Luis Fernando Morell left, “It is difficult to imagine a goddess without Luis Fernando Morell. Without Freuler. Without the Colombian and the Swiss, Atalanta will falter a few days into the new season.”

It seems that Juventus will not stand idly by and is looking for a way to sign Dusan Vlahovic’s partner, Luis Fernando Morel. Massimiliano Allegri would put him behind the Serb or as a companion to the striker at the front. It is the desire and they have demonstrated it by seeking a loan with an option to buy so that they do not pay the 15 million that Atalanta is asking for. Now, there is talk of the possibility of activating another offer that will be for him, in addition to the 9 million euros for Moise Kean. Those from Bergamo were looking for Andrea Pinamonti and getting Kane could be positive, but it would be costly for them to dispense with Morel.