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The United States is preparing sanctions against the Daniel Ortega regime after arresting and disqualifying opposition Christiana Zamoro.

Opposition leader Cristiano Ronaldo has been arrested in Nicaragua for four days without consulting his lawyers.

Nicaragua police guard the home of opposition Christian Maria Chamorro Parios in Managua (EFE / JORGE TORRES)

Nicaraguan opposition leader Christiana Zamoro celebrates the fourth day of house arrest this Sunday, including Without access to her lawyers. Orieta Benavitz, One of his legal representatives, was described by the Daniel Ortega regime as “practically a kidnapper”.

“Christiana (…) house arrest, they have not yet allowed me to see what is established in the law, it is not what is going on with Christiana in practice, it should not be treated as informative, it should not be lost to communicate with families. That fact must be taken into account. “, Said Benavitz To the local newspaper The Press.

He denounced that he had not yet accessed the judicial file in the Managua courts, and pointed out that the credentials for seeing his client were “somewhat prudent”: “There is no judicial office. This case does not apply to any legal provisions. “

Cristiano’s older brother, former national vice president (2007-2017) and former Managua councilor (2004-2006), said Zamorak Barrios of Pointe–Pitre, the opposition leader, was “holding his head high.”

“Until yesterday she was allowed to see her children, Antonio Ignacio and Christiana Maria. She (Christiana) was always tall with her head.”, He said.

Nicaraguan opposition member Christiana Chamorro is under house arrest (EFE / George Torres)
Nicaraguan opposition member Christiana Chamorro is under house arrest (EFE / George Torres)

Inactive Violeta Barrios de Zamoro Foundation and Director of Democracy (FVBCH) He has been under house arrest since June 2 on the orders of the Judicial Authority at the request of the Public Ministry, Which accuses the public ministry of committing “mismanagement and ideological lies” that compete with money, property and property fraud.

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Describing President Daniel Ortega as a “dictator”, Zamoro announced in May that he would register as a presidential candidate for the next November 7 election, pointing out that he had “died in horror” of the prospect of losing power. The ruler is re-elected for the third consecutive term.

Pedro Joaquin, the brother of the winner of the Ordega Y Cassette 2021 award, Carlos Fernando Zamoro Barrios, two confiscated by the regime, insisted that he should speak exclusively in personal capacity. Christiana “is in good health and they have treated her well”Although she notes, she feels “very concerned about the situation she is experiencing.”

The daughter of former President Violeta Barrios de Zamoro (1990-1997) – accused by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Public Administration of real competition in money laundering, property and property fraud, for mismanagement and ideologically false crimes.

The Chandinista regime’s prosecutor’s office has demanded the disqualification of opposition candidate Zamoro Barrios, who is likely to win the November election, in which Ortega seeks a new re – election, according to a CID call. “Because they are in a criminal process and do not fully enjoy their civil and political rights.”

Daniel Ortega intensifies harassment of opposition candidates ahead of November election (EFE / Jorge Torres)
Daniel Ortega intensifies harassment of opposition candidates ahead of November election (EFE / Jorge Torres)

In addition, the Ministry of Public Works demanded precautionary measures for immigration retention, as indicated, to prevent the investigation proceedings against him. In addition, He asked that Chamorro Parios be banned from attending certain meetings and venues and from interacting with persons involved in events under investigation.

The persecution of the Nicaraguan regime continued in the last hours after the arrest of another opposition candidate: Arturo Cruz, Augusto C. in Managua on Saturday. At Santino International Airport, he was detained on his way back from a tour of the United States.

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Cruz, the presidential candidate of the opposition Citizen Coalition, arrived in Managua at 09:00 (15:00 GMT) local time, but three hours later he was inside the airport and did not answer calls or messages on his cell phone.

Opposition candidates, for their part Felix Maradiga Y Juan Sebastian Zamoro Although there were no charges against them, they denied that they had been informed that they had “a house in prison until further notice”.

Other candidates for the presidency include farmer Mardo Myrena, of Afro-descent Jorge Hernandez Kayaso, Journalist Miguel Mora, Doctor Maria Eugenia Alonso, And against the former leader Louis Flea They denounced it as the subject of harassment and harassment by the National Police.

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