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Trump reappears at a rally, demanding $ 10 trillion in Chinese compensation for Govt-19

Trump reappears at a rally, demanding $ 10 trillion in Chinese compensation for Govt-19

Former US President Donald Trump

Former President of the United States Donald Trump reappeared at a Republican convention in North Carolina this Saturday and has the opportunity to claim 100 percent of the fees, cancellation of the debt and $ 10 billion in compensation for Govt-19.

Trump returned to the political landscape of the United States with a speech during the Republican convention in which he demonstrated his achievements at the forefront of the nation, underestimated the decisions of current President Joe Biden, and repeatedly repeated false claims about it, according to the television network, “cheating” the 2020 election. CBS.

However, he has set his goal for 2024 not only in future elections but also in the by-elections. “America’s survival depends on its ability to elect Republicans at all levels, beginning with next year’s midterm elections. “, Stressed.

Trump has criticized Biden’s policies on immigration, the economy and abroad, saying the country is “being destroyed” before the “eyes” of the citizen.

Govt-19 and China’s economic compensation

The former president has also changed his interest in learning about the origins of Govt-19, and It has urged the U.S. government to investigate the matter at a time when Chinese labs are pointing to the birthplace of the virus.

However, Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fucci, is opposed to this theory, something Trump used to criticize him.

Anthony Fossie, Biden's chief medical adviser
Anthony Fossie, Biden’s chief medical adviser

“He’s not a great doctor, but he’s a great publicist.”, Trump has revealed. “He loves television more than any politician in this room, but he misbehaved in almost every matter, and he was misbehaving in Wuhan and in the lab.”

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In this line, he points it out “All nations must work together” to present to China a $ 10 billion bill to “compensate for the damage” prepared by COVID-19, As collected by the chain Fox News.

“As a first step, all countries should cancel any debt with China as a minimum repair fee., Revealed.

In addition, the former US President has reiterated his position on establishing a one hundred percent tariff on any product imported from China.

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