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Economic stimulus: Biden 8 proposes $ 1.8 trillion plan to improve social security |  International

Economic stimulus: Biden 8 proposes $ 1.8 trillion plan to improve social security | International

A file photo of Joe Biden in Wilmington, Delaware.Carolyn Coaster / A.P.

The night before the meeting 100 days rule, Franklin D. in the 1930s of the last century. Roosevelt or Lyndon b. With Johnson’s ambition, Joe Biden is preparing to present to the US Congress this Wednesday a social welfare plan for the country already compared to the new agreement. Economic expansion in the 1960s. In a joint session of the two, Biden proposes a 10-year plan that will allocate $ 1.8 billion to “improve the lives of millions of Americans,” known as the “American Plan for Families.” What will happen tonight on Capitol Hill is not the official state of the union address because the last six presidents decided not to deliver it in the first year of office because the presidential inauguration speech is too close in time.

If its first legislative victory is a historic $ 1.9 trillion recovery package for the economy – financed by debt – this remarkable project is a commitment to a welfare state that European countries have nothing to envy. – It should be affected when passing negotiations. On Capitol Hill. The White House wants to pay for its community program With an increase in income tax for the rich -37% to 39.6% -, fighting tax fraud and doubling the tax on capital gains for those earning more than a million dollars a year. In other words: part of Donald Trump’s 2017 tax plan has been turned upside down. The Republican opposition will be fierce, and among other reasons it is repeatedly said that raising such taxes from those party ranks will only harm the economy.

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The paradigm shift will be on display at Capitol on Monday night. But Biden was already expecting a size that the Biden-Harris administration would accept (the White House has decided to appoint this administration). “The American program for families is an investment in the future of our nation that will happen once in a generation,” the president said. “It is an investment for children and their families, helping many families to offset the basic costs that are now unaffordable, reducing the cost of health insurance and fighting child poverty.” According to the Biden-Harris administration, Investing in the economy Among American workers, the United States makes it possible to compete with China and the rest of the world.

Helping to recover and rebuild the North American economy after the catastrophic Corona virus outbreak was one of the hooks that Biden began to grab votes during the election campaign. The president, who won a seat in the Democratic Party with Roosevelt and Johnson, wants to restructure social programs to help the poor by making the effort for a welfare state a reality.

Paradoxically, the new plan highlights the absence of one of the most powerful nations in the world: a four-year expansion of the free public education system. Currently, children start school at the age of five, thus going through 12 until the end of high school at the age of 18. The Democratic Bill establishes a 12-week paid maternity and maternity leave period, as well as sick leave. In the words of the White House: “The United States is one of the few countries in the world that does not guarantee paid leave to its workers, which is why it lags behind its economic rivals in the number of women. Labor “.

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“We have a lot to do,” Biden declared, the day he gave up His first press conference In the White House. The approval of the economic stimulus plan has already marked a progressive trend in the United States. The U.S. employment program – still under negotiation and with a budget of more than two trillion dollars – will bring investment from this country to the United States in a way that has never been done since he won space. Created the highway system between the race and his states. The third leg, the social one, ends up assembling a welfare state, already underway. In the words of a National Public Radio (NPR) commentator, the US president correctly defines the passing moment: “Biden is an old man. [al que su edad le conmina a trabajar] In a hurry “.

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