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12-year-old graduates from high school and college the same week

12-year-old graduates from high school and college the same week

(CNN) – A 12-year-old boy in North Carolina used his free time during epidemics to take some extra classes at school.

Now, a year later, Mike Wimmer of Salisbury is preparing to graduate from high school and college the same week.

Wimmer completed four years of schooling in one year: two years of high school and a two-year technical degree. He will graduate May 21 at Rowan-Cabares Community College and May 28 at Concord Academy High School, where he is an outstanding student.

But this is not always Wimmer’s plan, he said.

The student was taking double enrollment classes, and at the rate he was going, he realized that he only needed a few more classes to earn his technical degree after graduating from high school.

He said his average GPA was 4.0 at Rowan-Capers Community College and 5.45 GPA at high school.

Love on Robotics

Despite being many years younger than his classmates, Wimmer said he got along well with them and was recommended to the school court last year.

Wimmer, who is interested in robotics, told CNN he was a “child of mathematics and science.” She has always had an interest in technology – she was given her first iPad when she was 18 months old and she wondered how it works.

His website reports that he tested his programming and robotics knowledge and learned through bug and online videos. Next Era Discoveries.

He created his own startup, Reflect Social, which “connects popular social media sites to the Internet of Things (called IoT) devices, providing a new social experience.” Website.

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Wimmer’s goal for startups is to facilitate the operation of smart home technology, with the ultimate goal of helping others.

“My business goal is to develop technology that will help people live better lives,” he said.

What is the future

Wimmer’s parents said they were proud of the man who became their son.

“Once a door is closed, you ‘ll find another way to figure out how to achieve your goals,” his mother, Melissa Wimmer, told CNN.

With just a few weeks to go before graduation, Wimmer said he would weigh several options for his next steps.

Those options include job opportunities inside and outside the United States, further research, or scholarships that will allow you to grow your startup.

But he said people need to know that he is still a child; Set aside time for casual children’s activities such as playing basketball and making logos.

“Many people think I’m left my childhood or lost it somehow,” Wimmer said, “I tell them I’ve having the best time of my life.”