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They discover a "bottle message" that existed 30 years ago

They discover a “bottle message” that existed 30 years ago

The bottle traveled more than 400 kilometers from the river until it found a little girl 30 years after it was thrown away by the married couple. (Reference image)

This is December 1990, by Trina and John Hollander They wrote a note and put it in a bottle before throwing it into the Green River From the house John bought in Calhoun, Kentucky (USA).

It took 30 years and four months for the bottle to cross the Green River, cross the Ohio River and pass through the Mississippi, where it settled, last weekend 252 miles from where it was originally dumped, in open lake. In Lauderdale County, Tennessee.

“Our grandparents had a house on the lake that our family still uses,” Palm told the Stanfield Portal. Jackson. “My daughter, Skylar May and I called it ‘scavenger hunting’ to see it go ashore during the recent floods. Most of the time this is nonsense, but every time you get something cool. We have something big”.

Pam came home and just thought it was a joke her husband was playing himself.

“He insisted it was legit, but I waited before I could trust him,” Pam said.

They found the bottle on Friday, and on Saturday Pam posted two photos on his Facebook page asking if anyone knew “John and Trina” in Calhoun, Kentucky.

“There’s no big cell service on the lake, so I put my phone on a particular table in a certain room. Within an hour I started getting pings that the post was being shared. We’re connecting with someone.” Pam said.

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Within an hour after Pam shared photos confirmed by Trina Hollander with a comment: “Hello! We! We can’t believe it! We remember writing the note and introducing the bottle many years ago!”

"We wanted to see how far this would go.  It's almost Christmas.  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  This bottle was launched by Calhoun Guy 12-21-90, read the message in the bottle (Image Credit Pixar)
“We wanted to see how far it would go, it’s almost Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho! This bottle was launched by Calhoun Guy 12-21-90,” Read the message in the bottle (Image note Pixabe)

“I recently got calls from my son and another friend. I hear I recently checked Facebook. I didn’t do that because we were with friends on Sunday,” Trina said. “But he told me, I want to see it. I can not believe it when I do.”

Trina said she did not immediately remember putting the bottle in the Green River, but her husband John did.

“We did it in December, he wrote: We wanted to see how far it could go. It’s almost Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho! This bottle is Calhoun’s hand 12-21-90.”Said Trina.

According to Trina, he and John are not married yet. He had bought the Green River house, which they had been working on before they got married.

“We no longer live in that house. We moved away from the river around the corner a few years ago, but we also wanted to go on a treasure hunt. “Said Trina. “We never had to buy a basketball for our son and his goal for 20 years because we always had basketball on shore.”

“But one day we were looking at the river there and we thought it would be great to find a bottle with the news that it had reached the shore. We never found out, though John said we should send someone, so we did“, he said.

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John and Trina are still married and will celebrate their 29th birthday in November, which is a good story to tell now, he said.

“We made new friends from a beautiful family in Tennessee. We both said we both wanted to be in touch.” Said Trina.

“We never know, but I would love to know where that whole bottle went from Calhoun, Kentucky to Ripley, Tennessee,” Palm Stanfield said. “As far as we know, floodwaters somewhere in places like Kentucky or Tennessee or Illinois or Missouri carried it into the wild, and it was there for many years before another flood could take it back into the river.”

“But it was a big deal for our daughter and me because I was looking for a lot of things as a kid, but it was definitely one of the best things we found,” Pam said.

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